Birthday Celebrations! The BIG 34!

I can’t believe I am 34 in fact prior to my Birthday Celebrations I had my own age wrong. My daughter asked google to calculate my birthday as I was certain to be an entire year younger than I am. Can you imagine 34 and already forgetting my age!? It happened!

Marc had asked me what I would like to do for my birthday for weeks prior. I researched everything he loved. See I knew what I wanted for my birthday was time with him and that contagious smile he has. So my plan was to find something to light him up and in turn it would do the same to me ten fold! I picked a flying experience and how to make the money for it. As we are saving for a house and our budget it well planned for such. Sadly when I told Marc what I wanted he refused. He would have no part in him flying for my birthday.

Disappointed that he wouldn’t go for a $500 plane ride with me on the ground taking pictures of his handsome smile I was in need of a new idea. Back to the drawing board I went. I had been sick an entire ten days before my birthday. I figured I needed something relaxing and light for myself. So I thought a dinner and movie would be a great evening. No children to tag along just him and I.

Now I needed a movie. The catch is Marc and I aren’t really into the same movies. He of course would sit through anything I asked. In fact in the beginning of our relationship I drug him out to a chick flick he was very much less then thrilled to watch but happily appeased me. My goal was still to see him happy and enjoying the day. So I looked for what would come out that week that he would enjoy most. I even went so far as to research his amazon video account¬†just to see what he may like the most.¬† It was three I seen his Mission Impossible Collection. That is when I knew that was the movie to choose.

When I told him the movie and dinner I had wanted you could tell he was excited. He raved of the last of the sequel Ghost Protocol being his favorite. I knew I had the right choice instantly. It would bring a smile to him and he would enjoy. For me I could cuddle up to him in those comfortable chairs and stare at the smile. He hates when I stare at him and I can’t help it. So in the movie I could hide the fact that I can’t take my eyes off of him. He is SO SEXY!

The movie theater was spectacular, lounge seats superb. I did just as I had envisioned and cuddled him to pieces. The entire two hour movie I was snuggled and smiling. Being with someone whose happiness brings you inner joy is fantastic! My birthday was absolutely the best day. It had nothing to do with a thing we had planned and everything to do with being together.

Before going to the movie Marc had plans of his own for me. He took me to the Mall a large Mall that was in the area where we would be seeing our movie. We walked in with him saying I could look at anything I would like but he would really like for me to buy a new bra. Complaining of mine for weeks must have promoted this bra shopping experience. I looked at him and said, ” I have never bra shopped anywhere but Walmart I wouldn’t know where to begin?”. Memories of our dress shopping experience together fondly flooded in.

He had a few ideas for where we could look for bras. Jcpenny is where we ended up finding the best selection for myself. Into the fitting room I went snapping pictures to send to him standing just outside. Walking out both of us agreed we liked one in particular the best. It was the most comfortable fit too. They were ridiculously priced in my book as I am a Walmart shopper. These were NOT Walmart prices that was for sure. Marc noticed a sign that they were buy one get one free and begun his speech to why it and I was worth it. He has had to perfect this speech over the last 10 months as frugal as I like to be. I agreed to the purchase if we could find two in my size.

Ten minutes into looking I was discouraged that I wouldn’t find a second in my size at all. I asked a employee stocking the area for assistance to be let down that there were no more. Then I hear, “Babe, babe come here.” Marc had found an entire wall of my size and the bras I was shopping for. Finding my favorite color and fit as well. Isn’t he just simply perfect?

Stopping on the way out to buy me my favorite South Bend Chocolate Factory Pb Caramel Corn that was on sale as well. Leading to him buying me two bags of that as well. Gosh I am so spoiled. Here I had tried to not plan chick flicks and he took me shopping for bras and chocolate. Perfectly matched the two of us are! He gave me the best birthday

a girl could ask for.

So Much Love To Give

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of how absolutely perfect Marc and I are for each other. Can you imagine each and everyday feeling loved entirely. Like my cup is just over flowing all day in the biggest ways. He loves me more than I knew I could be loved. I dish it right back at him.

I leave him notes randomly. I leave them in places for him to smile over. He sends me a good morning text message every morning before he does anything else. I wake to being told I am beautiful every single day. It’s just like our children we want them to learn something we repeat it everyday with them right? He has spent time teaching me I am beautiful. That alone just feels so good.

The two of us paying attention to the details. I leave him his favorite treats bedside for his before bed snack routine. Or restock his activa so he can stay regular. LOL He sneaks me peanut butter milk in the fridge. Dark chocolates in the freezer. He knows I like my chocolate cold. I use to watch the bathroom trash can to see what he was snacking on before I had my key and I would then make it home made. I did that with some pb sandwich cookies. He still talks about those months later. It’s probably a hint now that I think about it. Yesh I better get my s*** together and make my man some pb sammies.

He is so thoughtful. He playfully jokes and teases with me but then later will wonder if it was okay with me and wants to make sure I took it just as playful. I seen this week he wasn’t going to breakfast anymore. (we share an account) I knew I was packing his lunch so that is why I didn’t see that stop but why not breakfast I thought to myself. I went to the kitchen to see what he might have been taking for breakfast. I really didn’t think there was much around for that. It was a turkey sammy. I thought gosh that is a lot of sammy for one day. Since that is what I was packing for lunches were different types of sammies. So I baked him a blueberry coffee cake. I thought it would go well with his iced coffee in the morning. I have plans to make him some breakfast burritos to freeze and pop in the microwave in the morning on his way. I have to figure out what I would wrap them in. They would need to hold in freezer then pop in a microwave and stay warm his drive till he parked to eat them. I am racking my brain this week to put my plan in action for next week.

I realize life’s struggles and challenges don’t seem difficult at all if you feel loved. On the painful moment throughout the day now I focus on what I can do to make him smile. Taking my mind off and keeping myself busy at the same time. Everything seems simple even the horrible things. My bad dreams have drifted back away and I have just focused on returning all the love I am given. I have not been in peace as much as I have this week. I just keep reminding myself how invincible Marc and I are together. I can build his strength daily just showing him what he means to me. As he does still for me. Be grateful for love you are given and return it with everything you are. It will build you up more than you can possibly imagine! His love makes me happy to my core!

New Life Changes To Come.

After buying my freedom I thought my house would just become my home. That things would fall into place and I’d feel secure again. It never really happened for me…. It’s now been 3 months here and it’s just four walls. I walk into his front door and that feels like home. The kids are better behaved the environment far less stressful. My heart feels full there. I take pride in cleaning there while at my place cleaning feels like a daunting task I may never complete. I’m sure his gratitude also makes task of that nature more enjoyable as well. I feel much more like his partner there even if he isn’t home. For some time I have teased of moving to his yard with an rv. Simply because his home doesn’t have the space required to mesh the households together and neither does mine. I wish now I had fought for my mansion as it would have held us all perfectly. Marc is the knight in shining armor who saved me. I have been avoiding moving into a bigger trailer and really just uncomfortable in my home since moving in. I’ve tried to feel positive about being here and I can’t. I wanted this for Allen but now Allen wants us with Marc. How do you ask a man to take you and your army of kids and move as one? I can’t find words for that. Truth is I never had to. He did! He sent me a text and said how about you move over to a bigger trailer until we find a home together. TOGETHER!!!!! I screamed reading it. He wants us to live together to have us to come home to every day for the rest of his life! My mind was blown I honestly think I was in shock cause I didn’t even respond to him for several moments and then I didn’t have words to express how darn happy he had made me. He wanted to take on all of us as his family. Make us a whole his zoo plus my zoo. It’s all my mind can think of now being with him everyday. Having his arms to have comfort anytime I am in need. Having him to help me raise my children. The example our relationship will lead for my kids. It’s all like a fairy tale. I truly never thought I was deserving enough to obtain now it’s right before me. I can imagine house hunting process will take a bit. I will soon be with him everyday. I won’t cry or stress who is at my door and what they want from me. I won’t be alone. I hate the lonely empty feeling that consumes me monday thru friday night. The time I am with him I find myself staring memorizing every detail of him. So I can day dream of him easily while away. He is absolutely my soul mate there is not a single doubt in my mind. So full steam ahead we are going to move in together!!!!! This could mean goodbye to Berrien Springs forever…..luke