My Hobby, My Addiction!

Are you wondering what my hobby that is now crossed into my addiction is? Around the time I bought my freedom. Leaving the domestic violence situation I had found myself in. You can read more of that tale here or here or even a bit here. My hobby became coloring.

It was easily a way to calm myself and cope with everything life was throwing my way. I could escape the stress and create some beautiful art! At first I was picking up a marker or two. A coloring book here or there. Excitedly I posted of my first marker tote and filled it with many types of markers.

It’s fun to get new markers. They are all so different in color, and in the way they color. Enjoying choosing all the different possiblities was thrilling for me. I would get lost in craft stores choosing markers.

I will say though I struggle to find as interesting coloring books in the stores. Even When I had my trip to Barnes and Noble ( the gigantic book store) the adult coloring book section was not as impressive as I had hoped. You can discover far better ones on Amazon. In my personal opinion.

My collection may have spilled into an addiction when I realized I had now had three totes to carry my markers in. Which I take back in forth with me to Marc’s each and every weekend. Getting lost in some fantastic artwork is priceless.

The girls share my love for coloring and have started their own little collection. They prefer gel pens where I am a fan of ultra fine line markers. The ones with the tiny tips that take longer to color but work perfectly in the finer detail spots. Nothing great happens quickly anyway right? What is your hobby? Has it crossed over into addiction status as mine?

New Marker Tote

I know many of you will find this unbelievable but I hate Meijer! It’s one of my very least favorite grocery stores. I have been a Wal-Mart shopper since the beginning of time. It is far better priced in my opinion and I just enjoy the layout more. I feel like Meijer feels far more crowded. Recently I have been forced against my will to shop at Meijer. See the love of my life is a very spoiled man. He has a specific brand of EVERYTHING he needs to have and will except nothing less. I took of the shopping now for both households meaning I had to enter the dreaded store. I prepped with him for quite some time on where the things he needed from there were. On Thursday I knew he needed coffee creamer and paper towel and toilet paper all of the Meijer products he likes. I found myself lost in no time even after all that prepping I had done. I can’t be held accountable though as I seen a giant MARKER tower! How on earth could I focus? I still blame this tower of beautiful colors for my memory laps in forgetting the creamer for the 3rd time! Poor Marc has been drinking black coffee all work week. The markers were sharpies and on sale buy one for $1.09 get one free. Clearly I couldn’t just walk by. Four markers found their way into my cart. I walked away feeling incredibly proud of my restraint of just putting four in the cart. Then I seen it a tote perfect for my markers! I then seen it had extra compartments I could purchase separately! It wasn’t till I got home that I found it on Amazon for a far cheaper cost. No worries the link above will take you to the cheaper Amazon one 😉 As you can see the thing fits my markers perfectly. It allows me to seperate my colors and it’s so sturdy and easy to carry. I was in heaven when I got home and organized my markers. It also made me itch for more. I have been sharing markers on facebook hoping the honey will see the hints 😉 I have a bday coming up! 20180614_125346.jpg