What defines me?

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Okay, sorry about the delay on part 3 but honestly life is sooooo busy! Recap in case you missed or have forgotten. For Hailey and Malachi’s bday’s we first went to the amazing pet store. Then off to zap zone for a major adventure! After both of those are tummies are rumbling. Our energy spent …

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This year my Mother’s Day was far different than any other. Normally it’s pretty much like any other day. In fact most of the days that were intended to be my special days turned out pretty awful. When your in an abusive relationship it’s just kinda what happens. I don’t think a selfish man knows …

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I have never seen family as a very positive experience. I don’t mean to make it sound harsh towards those I share blood with it is just I never could feel loved in the way I needed from them. I never have felt like a priority above all else and honestly I don’t think that …

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