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[amazon_link asins=’B0748NNDK8,B06XHXC5XJ,B00338QENI,B01IPXY01S,1401952232,0452295726,B00UGDXUXK,1439170916,B007ZDRJ5O’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’buchtelassoci-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’66fb77d6-bb64-11e8-a6ee-9b6023ecacd6′]This week I went back to the doctor. Twice in fact as I needed a referral from one to get back into the other. It’s… Read more »

Like a rock to the bottom of the ocean….

It’s been a couple days since I have written. Despite his best efforts I just wasn’t able to make my fingers hit the keys to type. I had a conversation… Read more »

Danielle, I want to know about your cancer?

I spend much of my time volunteering and allowing my children to be as involved with church as they wish.  Which is quite a bit. One of those churches my… Read more »

I won’t be hiding the pain today….

If you read yesterday’s post you would know my pain level was high most of the day. I only held down a biscuit and a half of a protein shake…. Read more »