Turning a rough morning into laughter!

I wake up feeling like total dog poop this morning. The running nasty kind that once you step in you just can’t get off your shoe. Yea, it was pretty darn awful. So I took myself into a shower and I medicated myself as much as I could and still function. I decided that I would not let being sick take my weekend from me. I had planned this wonderful breakfast for my love and my kids. I was going to make it happen. So I quietly exit the room carefully turning the knob attempting to not wake up my sleeping bear. I successfully escape off to wake the boys. ( The two macaw’s in the cages in the kitchen.) I turn on the light and I grab the container their food is kept. I first feed Mack dumping and refreshing his dish. Carefully pulling out some of the things I know are his favorite and putting those to the top of the dish. Just as papa would do if he had woke them. I open Boris door to his cage and let him climb out and crawl to the door of his cage. I take his dish out and replenish it as well. I then clean up the kitchen a bit. Cleaning off the table the stove and pulling out everything I would need for this fabulous breakfast I was about to make. I walk toward the second bathroom which also has our laundry room I was thinking of starting a load of laundry before the kitchen throw down. It was then that I realize that Clare Bear had flooded the entire bathroom/laundry room and it was making it’s way to the hallway darn near to the kitchen. My heart races good gravy the water was a few inches deep.

I frantically wake Clare to aide me in figuring out how on earth to clean this mess. I now have to once again carefully turn the handle on the door and get towels from the dirty clothes in my room. In and out 6 times I survive without waking him. Gosh he really does sleep like a bear. Clare and I giggle and slide through the water. Having a good old time. I return to the kitchen to start breakfast while Clare bear finishes up. She later returns to tell me she is all down. I make the mistake of asking her if it plunged and flushes! The girl goes flushes the toilet and here it comes again. Flooding everything all over again. I just begin laughing uncontrollably. I left Clare this time to figure it out as I had food on the stove. My creation of Reese Stuffed French Toast. What is this your wondering? Deliciousness20180519_1138481829061161.jpg!!!
It is a mixture of cream cheese and powdered sugar to make the “stuffed filling” I spread that on one side of the bread. I then sprinkle a few pb chips and semi sweet chips on top of that and top with second piece of bread. After making into sandwich I dip then entirety of it into a beated egg mixture. Just as you would regular french toast. Grill in butter and top with whip cream. My love is a bit on the spoiled side so he requested syrup and nuts on top of his. So that is exactly what he got. Three of those and 10 slices of bacon. Then man cleaned his plate. Clare finally got the water dried once again and we left the toilet to the professional after he finished his breakfast. 🙂 20180519_110401.jpg20180519_1111201209900326.jpg20180519_1138481829061161.jpg20180519_1138431417256629.jpg


This morning has gone incredibly well. I am maintaining a stress free attitude as I am in my safe haven. I got up first this morning taking my shower in peace. I was able to thoroughly enjoy my shower because unlike my home there was no ” mom ,mom ,mom ,mom  !!” , at the door to disturb. My first steps from there were back to bed and to the laptop. I have so much work to do on my blog of course. Advertisers to list, post to write, blogs to read, promoting that is calling my name. I’d say I worked on it for a solid hour before the in and out of the wifi at his country home gave me more grief than I was willing to endure. I from there got myself dressed. Blogging in the nude is all the new rave you see. To the kitchen clothed I go. I cook a feast for breakfast. I enjoy cooking in the kitchen with the birds. I think me waking them on Saturday mornings and cooking while chatting away with them and papa still in bed is a good bonding experience for us. So I cook a meal and Marc wakes to startle me. He came up behind me while I was string eggs and checking a notification to the blog that had popped up on my phone. I was in my zone and clearly not paying attention to his presence. My mistake because this isn’t the first time the little shit has made me jump from my skin while cooking his breakfast. I almost peed myself I was so startled. I had done dishes while cooking and had them on a towel drying. He after showering us all with attention. Myself, the birds and the kids that were home. Marc went right to putting the dishes away. I have pretty much been the sole dishwasher since our relationship begun. I don’t mind much though I rather enjoy taking care of him. I have not however ever put them away. Before I ever even think to he has already done it for me. After we eat he spends some time with the kids allowing me again some free time to pay attention to this blog. It’s really far more time consuming then you can imagine. He returns to the bedroom while I am in midst of promotion to give me some much needed attention. I thrive from that stuff. That genuine adoration he has for me. I don’t ever have to beg for it. Never have to give something to get that in return. There is no little voice in the back of my head making me feel low for what I may end up doing in return for that positive attention. All I had ever known before him was such. So he showers me with everything I need. I listen attentive to his ravings of a plane. The most uncomfortable looking plane I had ever seen in fact. The plane had metal seats. Well I shouldn’t even say seats as it was just the one metal seat. Nothing he was able to enjoy or share with me so I had to really force the interest. It was more for aerial tricks and such not romantic sunsets flights. Off track again. After all my needs are meet from him he hops up and says I am taking the boy out to play with cars. I can see it in his face that he is excited to spend time with my son. It’s the greatest gift anyone can give me. To light a fire in my son with his love and attention as he does. I know part of him taking him outside is to aide in minimizing my distractions so that I can get some blog work done. Marc is a partner…. It’s not like any other relationship I have ever been in. It’s completely overwhelming at times because I don’t really know how to let him be an aide in my distress. He loves my kids from within it’s nothing to do with winning me as he already knows he did that long before ever meeting them. We are partners and match each other in everything perfectly. Yesterday he sat me down with a talk of how I was only seeing the negative in everything. How could I be anything but stressed and defeated if that was all I was thinking of. Not to mention the sleep deprivation I experienced this week. He is outside with Malachi now who has already ran in beaming of fishing poles and fishing trips. Every man who has ever played house with him has made promises of those trips. I use to cringe when Malachi came home speaking of plans of them because I knew it was only to be a let down I would need to help him recover from. I don’t fear that now. With Marc I am able to let myself get excited for my son. I can rejoice in his excitement and not fill with worry. This man is my families blessing and he has absolutely no clue of his infectious love. 20180512_110416.jpg Blue and Gold Macaw Coloring Book