What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Night one at the cabin came and went so quickly as we didn’t really get in till after dinner time. The second day was spent enjoying that big fabulous hot tub. Exploring in that thick woods that was engulfing us in our little secluded mountain side. Honestly everything was blissful. We spent the entirety of …

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I wake up feeling like total dog poop this morning. The running nasty kind that once you step in you just can’t get off your shoe. Yea, it was pretty darn awful. So I took myself into a shower and I medicated myself as much as I could and still function. I decided that I …

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This morning has gone incredibly well. I am maintaining a stress free attitude as I am in my safe haven. I got up first this morning taking my shower in peace. I was able to thoroughly enjoy my shower because unlike my home there was no ” mom ,mom ,mom ,momĀ  !!” , at the …

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