Birthday Celebrations! The BIG 34!

I can’t believe I am 34 in fact prior to my Birthday Celebrations I had my own age wrong. My daughter asked google to calculate my birthday as I was certain to be an entire year younger than I am. Can you imagine 34 and already forgetting my age!? It happened!

Marc had asked me what I would like to do for my birthday for weeks prior. I researched everything he loved. See I knew what I wanted for my birthday was time with him and that contagious smile he has. So my plan was to find something to light him up and in turn it would do the same to me ten fold! I picked a flying experience and how to make the money for it. As we are saving for a house and our budget it well planned for such. Sadly when I told Marc what I wanted he refused. He would have no part in him flying for my birthday.

Disappointed that he wouldn’t go for a $500 plane ride with me on the ground taking pictures of his handsome smile I was in need of a new idea. Back to the drawing board I went. I had been sick an entire ten days before my birthday. I figured I needed something relaxing and light for myself. So I thought a dinner and movie would be a great evening. No children to tag along just him and I.

Now I needed a movie. The catch is Marc and I aren’t really into the same movies. He of course would sit through anything I asked. In fact in the beginning of our relationship I drug him out to a chick flick he was very much less then thrilled to watch but happily appeased me. My goal was still to see him happy and enjoying the day. So I looked for what would come out that week that he would enjoy most. I even went so far as to research his amazon video account just to see what he may like the most.  It was three I seen his Mission Impossible Collection. That is when I knew that was the movie to choose.

When I told him the movie and dinner I had wanted you could tell he was excited. He raved of the last of the sequel Ghost Protocol being his favorite. I knew I had the right choice instantly. It would bring a smile to him and he would enjoy. For me I could cuddle up to him in those comfortable chairs and stare at the smile. He hates when I stare at him and I can’t help it. So in the movie I could hide the fact that I can’t take my eyes off of him. He is SO SEXY!

The movie theater was spectacular, lounge seats superb. I did just as I had envisioned and cuddled him to pieces. The entire two hour movie I was snuggled and smiling. Being with someone whose happiness brings you inner joy is fantastic! My birthday was absolutely the best day. It had nothing to do with a thing we had planned and everything to do with being together.

Before going to the movie Marc had plans of his own for me. He took me to the Mall a large Mall that was in the area where we would be seeing our movie. We walked in with him saying I could look at anything I would like but he would really like for me to buy a new bra. Complaining of mine for weeks must have promoted this bra shopping experience. I looked at him and said, ” I have never bra shopped anywhere but Walmart I wouldn’t know where to begin?”. Memories of our dress shopping experience together fondly flooded in.

He had a few ideas for where we could look for bras. Jcpenny is where we ended up finding the best selection for myself. Into the fitting room I went snapping pictures to send to him standing just outside. Walking out both of us agreed we liked one in particular the best. It was the most comfortable fit too. They were ridiculously priced in my book as I am a Walmart shopper. These were NOT Walmart prices that was for sure. Marc noticed a sign that they were buy one get one free and begun his speech to why it and I was worth it. He has had to perfect this speech over the last 10 months as frugal as I like to be. I agreed to the purchase if we could find two in my size.

Ten minutes into looking I was discouraged that I wouldn’t find a second in my size at all. I asked a employee stocking the area for assistance to be let down that there were no more. Then I hear, “Babe, babe come here.” Marc had found an entire wall of my size and the bras I was shopping for. Finding my favorite color and fit as well. Isn’t he just simply perfect?

Stopping on the way out to buy me my favorite South Bend Chocolate Factory Pb Caramel Corn that was on sale as well. Leading to him buying me two bags of that as well. Gosh I am so spoiled. Here I had tried to not plan chick flicks and he took me shopping for bras and chocolate. Perfectly matched the two of us are! He gave me the best birthday

a girl could ask for.

Christopher Robin

My children are just wonderful! Today is my birthday and as a early treat yesterday my daughter and her boyfriend took me to the movies. They treated me to the new Christopher Robin movie. Disney’s new spin off from the classic Winnie The Pooh tale.

Ecstatic was I to be going to the movie with my mvp’s in life.  They even treated me to the nice theater. We had our over-sized reclining chairs and our food delivered to our seats. The theater was not very full maybe ten people at most. We had picked perfect seats perfectly positioned in the center of the screen.

The previews had all three of us ohhing and awwing. Disney movies are just so incredible these days. Nothing like the vhs I played as a child. Watching all the remakes be done is really a neat experience.

Christopher Robin is the story of him no longer as a child but all grown up. It’s the classic tale of forgetting your child hood. Letting it fade as adult life creeps in. So easy for us adults to get wrapped on careers and money and lose sight of the things we held dear as a child.

Christopher Robin also a father in the movie who lost his way to connect to his daughter. I am sure parents all over the world can easily relate to the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his role as a father.

Piglet, Eeyore, Roo, Kanga, and the rest of the crew all make an appearance in the movie. I wanted the characters to be more adorable then they were. They weren’t the soft cuddly soft animals I remembered. Of course I’m not sure what I expected as this was to take place thirty or so years later. Stuff animals we surely wear as these had in thirty years.

All and all I would rate the movie a solid 8 from me. My daughter I am sure would have given it a 10! She at 14 years old really enjoyed the tale. She was exclaiming of it all the way home. I recommend it as a family night out!

Bday Celebrations Part 2

After our pet store adventure the kids wanted to laser tag. They had asked to go back to the small little spot we had gone to in our run down local mall again. That clearly wasn’t what I had planned for them. I had searched and searched for the coolest laser tag adventure I could find. I think I did a fantastic job with my choice of Zap Zone. It actually blew my own expectations away completely. I was impressed with how much fun it was and how well set up it was. It wasn’t limited to just laser tag it had glo golf, springs ( a trampoline center), an arcade, bumper cars, their own build a bear, and a simulator. They had packages where you could buy 3 activities for 18$ or 4 for 21$. We let the kids get 4 and we got 3. All of us choosing two games of laser tag to play together.
Our first activity was laser tag! They first take you into a room and explain the rules. The room is cool in itself everything very bright and neon there are over sized steps to sit on and hear your instructions. There were power ups including shields and rapid fire. They had bases you had to protect. You got extra points for taking out the others. It was out of this world cool. We all suited up for our first round. Free for all! Each of us against each other and one other little girl about age 10 played with us. She was a sneaky little thing that loved to target Jacob. Lol she got me a couple times as well. The game lasted about 20 mins and boy is it FUN! There are 6 ramps going all up and over the place. Everything is colorful and bright. There are windows cut out of he walls to sniper the opposing team. It’s honestly just a complete blast and full of giggles. I took 3rd place! Out of all 6 of us. Marc took last again. I seriously get a good chuckle out of the man who has a shooting range membership always taking last place in the family laser tag. Jake took first as always the kid has a heck of an aim. We all came out sweating our tushes off. In fact Marc and I chose to sit while kids went on to next activity afterward.
Second thing the kiddos did was head to Spring. It was similar to the trampoline park we have by Marc’s work but with so much more to do. The one by him is mostly just trampolines and jumping. This one had a rock climbing wall and many other obstacles. A joist and punching thingy. Lol a beam where the kids got huge boxing gloves to go at it and push each other into a foam pit. A wall to run up and then take a giant leap off. They had basketball hoops and music. There was well painted graffiti looking walls. They turned off the lights for a little over half of the thirty min jumping time. The kids were tuckered out after the jumping all beat red and pouring in sweat.
Next up was glo golf for Marc and I and bumper cards for the kids. Ill be honest when I walked up to the golf I thought I had wasted my money it appeared tiny and I thought we would be bored. I was dead wrong! It was to me the coolest part of zap zone and I was bummed the kids hadn’t joined. Marc and I loved it. I told you of the bright colorful experiences already… this one put those to shame. It was a amazon jungle! A tree house in the middle. It went down and up stairs and it had hand painted everything! I wanted to take a million pictures but my hands were full keeping score, carrying my ball and club and phone, and Marc was hurrying me along as there were people behind us. I also couldn’t get great pics on my android in the black lights. It was beyond marvelous! I didn’t get to see the kids at the bumper cars but I heard it was fun as well but only lasted about 5 mins.
Jake got Hailey a build a bear. A pink stuffed monkey in pajama’s. It was so cute. They had a whole room set up just like build a bear. They didn’t have the heart to put inside instead it was a star. Their version I guess.
Last up was the arcade games. It was massive. The best coolest games I had ever seen. Marc found his way to a plane simulator there too. While the kids focused on ticket winnings. I watched their smiles and lost a bunch of tokens on some silly push the tokens over the edge game. They had a 20 dollar for 100 token deal and easily we blew 50$ in 15 mins. Which personally was fine with me as I was starving and soooooo ready for the final stage of the day. FOOD!!! I would love to go back to zap zone many more times I truly enjoyed the time with the kids 20180616_185312_std.original20180616_190345_std.original


Bday Celebrations Part 1

I have to break down the bday celebration into parts simply because if I put it in all in one it would be a VERY long blog post. We did so MUCH fun stuff. My eldest daughter and my second to eldest son both had a birthday this weekend. So I did a two for one special! I mean after all 8 kids absolutely puts you on a bday budget! About five years ago I had decided to no longer buy my kids Birthday gifts. It was like throwing money in the toilet! Literally! I bought them a harmonica one year from the birthday list and the thing was lodged in my toilet for a week! I had to call a plumber! The toys are just junk! They are never taken care of and aren’t made how they use to be. I probably sound like a little ole grandma with that statement but it’s the absolute truth. I decided that an experience for their bday was remembered longer than a gift and that it was far more special. So now I put a 100 dollar cap on an experience of their choice. They are welcome to bring a guest or sibling but that must be included in the cap amount for spending. Hailey and Malachi putting their bday’s together meant a 200$ cap.

Both of the two are very into animals. The largest pet store we know of quickly made the bday list. Pruess Pets quickly made the kids list. It ended up being our first stop! Upon arrival we realized there was a pride fest through the town. Leaving roads blocked off and the town was packed. Preuss Pets was in the middle of the madness. They even had a designated employee walking the parking lot making sure those parking were for the pet store and not choosing to walk the town while using their parking lot. When you walk up to the pet store there is a waterfall coming from the side of the building and running like a river back inside. We stopped and admired before entering so we could then show the kids what it ran into inside. As we walked inside all the kids jaws dropped.  The water fall ran into a river of the biggest fish I had ever seen. A bridge allowed you to cross and look down at the fish. So big the tops of their heads would bob out of the water.

Across the bridge in my favorite section of all time. It’s the bird section! I stopped and talked to each and every single bird, Got videos of birds whistling in perfect response to Hailey whistling. We awed to each of the rooms of birds. Two rooms and one other area all contain birds. Some even outside of their cages hanging out. Hailey and Jake got to mush on some babies of some kind that an employee brought out while they were walking by. I sadly missed that experience. I did get a ecstatic briefing of it by the two afterward.

The next stop inside the pet store was the salt water fish. This section would blow your mind! It’s incredible! It’s huge and it’s bright  and every fish made me want to color! They had the neatest tanks and array of fish. It was very crowded the flow of people not moving in any kind of cohesive manner at all. We had a hard time staying together or moving around in the circle we had intended. This was a bit of a bummer to me.  I don’t enjoy being around mass crowds of people and this felt as such.  I remember turning to show a kid a fish at one point and it being a group of strangers and I was alone in the midst of them. My favorite fish that I hope to one day have in our tank is a frost bite clown fish. My heart is just set on having one one day.

The next section we come upon was the fresh water fish. It’s not nearly as colorful of a fish section but they do try to hold their own those freshies. I had always been told that those little neon fish were injected but the employee there told us that is no longer the case. Those are now born that way. They stay bright neon forever. I thought that was super cool. They did have neon green ones the best color in the whole wide world! They had piranha that caught Malachi’s eye. Can you imagine that was his request a tank of those bad boys? This section had a lot of more green plants in the tanks and less of the colorful coral so it didn’t catch your eye as much as the salt water section had.

Next stop is the reptile section. When I got to this point I had seriously lost my entire family and was on my lonesome. I have not a clue how this happened but I was cornered on my own in the scary spider corner. Those are just in the beginning of the area where the reptiles are and their are a lot of them! They have a huge pair of tortoises Marc says that they are about the size our boy will get. Our tortoise Herbert is such a little guy right now fitting in the palm of my hand without a problem I had a hard time imagining him growing so much. I visited all the snakes and lizards and such. Then paused to buy some rabbit food. Visited with the one rabbit the pet store had. which is also all kind of by the reptiles.

Somewhere in the middle is rats, hamsters and small fury things. There is a tiny room for cats to be adopted maybe 9 or so cats were inside but the sign said it was stressful on the cats for people to come in and out. You could only visit those guys if you were serious about inquiring to give them a home. The door was locked. The middle also housed lots of things for your fury pets. Food,colors, toys galore. They sold bulk food for pretty much every animal as far as I could see. Home made dog treats and such sat on the counters.

The kids all had a absolute blast we spent well over an hour just taking in everything. They had a list a mile long of wants now. They have set themselves in motion to get tanks set up before their next visit. Every kid is so going to want a fish tank in their room now. I had the most fun watching their smiles! They were just lite up with excitement.