Category: The journey of life

My Character Flaws

I have been thinking a great deal of my character flaws lately. Some that I didn’t really know were flaws before. I have this need to help. Maybe it’s a… Read more »


My Frugal Desserts For Fourth

I was beyond excited to realize that Marc would have the 4th of July off from work. YAY! I mean seriously I adore every moment of that man’s time! He… Read more »

Life of a Mom of Special Needs Child

I have 4 children with special needs. Each with very unique needs of their own. Paytyn is the child with the most struggles. He can’t sit still for any reason…. Read more »

Taking My Son On His 1st Flight

Marc had planned for us to go to a pancake breakfast at the air port. It is called a fly in breakfast. I was thrilled to go but didn’t really… Read more »

Bday Celebrations Part 2

After our pet store adventure the kids wanted to laser tag. They had asked to go back to the small little spot we had gone to in our run down… Read more »