Time Together Is Time Well Spent

Yesterday I had some errands that needed to be done. Picking up medication for kids. Running to donate non perishables for our tickets to the haunted house. Just a bunch of small little task I needed to accomplish. Deciding it wouldn’t take me long I thought I’d leave the boys to their man stuff. Separating us for what I thought would only be an hour and a half.

Time seemed to move at super speed. Maybe I was moving at a snails pace? Either way time got the best of me and I was gone nearly the entire day. Marc and Malachi were too wrapped in the man stuff to give any worry to the amount of time I had been gone. Sadly, I missed them all day and returned distraught in the time that I had lost hanging with them. It’s not often we get long weekends together like this.

Walking up to the boys when I got home I went straight to Marc and nuzzled my head into his arm. Miss his embrace oh so much. Malachi raved of the time they had together. They had cleaned out a boat that belonged to Marc’s paternal grandpa. Malachi has been eyeing this thing since the beginning of time it feels like.

They had talked many times of completing this task and getting out the boat. It just never had gotten done. It’s a busy life we lead. If I had been home maybe they still wouldn’t have done it. They try so hard to give me their time and attention. I felt a bit better knowing their time was so well spent while I was on my errands.

I snuggled some hugs out of Marc. I told him of my bad day with time management. The things that had fallen apart making me late to him. Into the house I went after to get my butt in gear on the household things that needed done.

Walking in to seeing my bed made simply melted my heart. See I come to Baroda all the time just to make the bed for Marc. When I get up each morning it’s the first thing I do. It’s starts my day. Sometimes I get discouraged if I’m unable to get to his house and make it. He giggles and teases that the bed hadn’t been made for 9 whole years before my presence and that it would be okay. So him making it for me this morning was special.

I walked straight back outside in fact. To ask if he had done it. I’m forgetful and wondered if I had made myself and forgotten. He smiles big and says yes. Running in for another embrace while I thank him for his thoughtful gesture. Gosh the little things. <3

Back inside to the chores I go. Thinking the boys are getting planes ready to go for a brief flying trip before dinner. Abruptly Marc comes flying into the entry. “BABE, get your vape and camera and come on outside we are going for a ride.” Clearly my mind thought car ride. I was wrong!

There he was sitting on a tractor. Malachi sitting in the boat attached to the back of the tractor. My chariot awaited me.  Marc came to help me into the boat and explained our journey would be around the back yard. There were two large ponds back there. I smiled so big that they came in to include me on this adventure. Turned out they had started it on their own and came back for me.

Around the ponds we called out all the things we seen. Frogs, fish, the coolest dragon flies with blue tips on their wings. We talked about the clear water. Giggled over the bumpy ride. Getting stuck once and having to reverse and go around. It was such a good time something so simple.

My love for photographs made this adventure even more wonderful. Snapping pictures of the frogs we found. I thought to myself one day the kids will look back and remember these fond times. Only can I hope that they influence them to make and create the same moments with those they love. That time together is time well spent.


True Love

On day two of Marc’s work trip we both walking back from our hot tub adventure spoke of never being in love before meeting. Not true love anyways. See we had never had the kind of feelings we feel so deep for each other. We may have thought in the moment with others that it was love. Then we meet. Consumed with love and adoration for each other it’s clear to see what there was before was the furthermost thing from love.

Neither Marc or I could ever intentionally hurt the others feelings we are in constant awareness of the others emotional needs. Like on this trip right now. I have been looking in the mirrors and realizing I am not the weight I want to be. I was on a constant loosing streak until Marc. He promotes eating and medication that aides with my ability to eat. So I am not losing. I’m not entirely sure I am gaining either but the lack of losing is making me pay attention. He noticed me looking at myself with disgust and has been giving extra compliments.

I want to give this man every bit of my time. I never need a break or time away from him. It never even crosses my mind. There is so much love between us that I wonder how I was able to confuse anything before this as love. Is it because we are lonely and longing for someone to share life with? The need to be loved is so great that it clouds the mind and gives us blinders?

I allowed many to treat me poorly as they claimed they loved me. I thought love was like a pass for that mistreatment. That isn’t even logical. It is however what the thought process was in my head. Those words that a man would speak I would believe and hold them to be true even when each action proved otherwise. Marc too, he has told me of his heartache’s and the way he allowed girls to play with him like a toy because he thought he loved them. After feeling what we share he knows that to not be love now too.

It leaves me to wonder how many miss out on the real thing? Thinking what they have is love. Are our brains wired to need that love so badly to accept something less than as the true love we long for? I can’t imagine a life without Marc now. He is my best friend and we share everything together. Nothing in the world I couldn’t openly just say to him. He instilled in me that he will be here forever no matter what. I believe in him and our love. The years I wasted on false love are gone but my future is bright.

Work Training Can Be Fun!

We had known for some time now that Marc had a new work training he needed to complete for work. We had in fact postponed it once because there was so much going on we just couldn’t fit it in. Scheduling it for a time I was able to come with!

His work let him pick from a list of approved hotels for us to stay at. They would pay for two nights as he had two days of work training to complete. It was just outside of Chicago the class he needed to take.

The choice he made was for Country Inn and Suites a nice hotel located just off the highway. Before we even arrived I had done and in depth check on the hotel. I found out there was a hot tub and pool and made sure I had a bathing suite along in my suitcase. Even though I did tell Marc all of the hotel and the hot tub he still forgot to bring his. We will make a bathing suit stop today because he is definitely going to enjoy that hot tub with me.

I scooped out what was in the area too as I thought I may want to do some exploring while Marc was in his class. There were quite a few local things I was very interested in. Unfortunately upon arrival I realized that being just off the highway meant very busy roads and traffic. Chances are I will not feel comfortable walking anywhere that I found.

Walking into the hotel I was impressed. The big open entry way with this magnificent stair case. The staff greeted us as soon as we walked through the doorway. The check in seemed effortless and went very quickly. We were gifted two free drink coupons for the restaurant next door.

I checked on the pool while walking to our room. It was incredibly large and the hot tub was as well. There were very few people in the pool being a weekday. I thought that would be perfect for a evening swim. It opened at 7 am and didn’t close till 11pm so I thought the hours were great too. It would leave plenty of time in the evening for a hot tub adventure. Marc’s class would get done right before dinner time.

Our door to our hotel was kind of a pain. We have had to go get our keys redone twice so far and still takes many attempts to get into the room. Our room is equip with a king size bed, a fridge and microwave, coffee, a couch and a desk. The television is only a 32 inch and I of course didn’t bring my glasses so I had a hard time viewing that. In fact I am laying on the bed head at the footer to be closer to the television in an attempt to see it better. It does have Comcast including LIFE TIME MOVIE NETWORK! ! Does it even get any better than that? There is HBO too of course.

After getting all unloaded into our room I was absolutely starving. Do you remember I had said we got FREE drink coupons for the restaurant next door? When Marc turned to me for where I would like to go to dinner. I took to my phone to see if the menu was affordable where we had FREE drinks too. Free clearly being the way to my heart.

 Jimmy’s Char House In Elgin was the restaurant at hand. After checking the menu both for affordability and for chicken because it’s my main food group I was on board to give it a try. After all I was starving and it was just a brisk walk through the parking lot.

Walking over to the restaurant holding hands and gawking at each other was blissful. I truly am so madly in love. Inside the restaurant was fascinating. We sat together in a booth continuing to hold hands while we tried to decide what the feel was to us. Old England is what we decided upon. It left us feeling like we were in Old England or how we would imagine that to be anyway. The chandeliers and the art work that hung looked antique. Both of us thought it was far to dark. It even was a struggle to read our menus.

The first thing I noticed was the impeccable customer service by the entire staff! There was a waitress in the left corner that was specifically focused on drinks. However she did bring me a box at the end of my meal as well. Another gentlemen to the right was watching to clear plates. Instantly taking all plates that were finished and pushed to the edges of the tables. Our server was at a table when we were seated so another took our drink order. The wait for service was just a few moments and our drinks were replenished just before finishing without a need to ask for a refill. We used our free coupons for just a diet coke. Even though we were welcome to a glass of whine or a beer. Neither of us choose to do so.

I had already planned what I wanted in my head while looking at the menu from the hotel bed. I was getting the Chicken Parm. Sandwich on a Pretzel Bun. My mouth was watering at the description. Sadly I didn’t care of the sauce when it came. It was a bit spicy for my personal liking. However the sandwich was hot and cooked well. The fries were delicious. Marc got a chicken and bacon sandwich. He devoured the entire thing. Safe to assume that means he enjoyed. Marc not being nearly as picky of an eater as I am.

After dinner we headed back to our room for cuddles. Marc did some online training he needed to do sitting at the desk in our room. He used the WiFi access code we were given upon arrival. Same as I am now and it is working perfectly. Not slow at all.

The bed is very comfortable. It was a large King size and plenty of room for the two of us. The blanket incredibly heavy and right up my ally. But the pillows for the love of those pillows! They were so soft and plush it was like sleeping on air. Marc has those contoured fit your neck firm pillows at his place. At mine I have about 20 pillows on my bed to pile up under my head. So sleeping with those fluffy sink into pillows was quite a challenge. Marc stole every bit of the blanket leaving it dangle down his side of the bed while I got frostbite. I woke up and took a picture to show him when he woke because his theory that I am the blanket hog was finally proven to be wrong! Our first night under our belts. Marc is at class and I am happily in bed doing what I love! Blogging for all of you! More of our adventure to come tomorrow. img_1791img_1799img_1792img_1810

Birthday Celebrations! The BIG 34!

I can’t believe I am 34 in fact prior to my Birthday Celebrations I had my own age wrong. My daughter asked google to calculate my birthday as I was certain to be an entire year younger than I am. Can you imagine 34 and already forgetting my age!? It happened!

Marc had asked me what I would like to do for my birthday for weeks prior. I researched everything he loved. See I knew what I wanted for my birthday was time with him and that contagious smile he has. So my plan was to find something to light him up and in turn it would do the same to me ten fold! I picked a flying experience and how to make the money for it. As we are saving for a house and our budget it well planned for such. Sadly when I told Marc what I wanted he refused. He would have no part in him flying for my birthday.

Disappointed that he wouldn’t go for a $500 plane ride with me on the ground taking pictures of his handsome smile I was in need of a new idea. Back to the drawing board I went. I had been sick an entire ten days before my birthday. I figured I needed something relaxing and light for myself. So I thought a dinner and movie would be a great evening. No children to tag along just him and I.

Now I needed a movie. The catch is Marc and I aren’t really into the same movies. He of course would sit through anything I asked. In fact in the beginning of our relationship I drug him out to a chick flick he was very much less then thrilled to watch but happily appeased me. My goal was still to see him happy and enjoying the day. So I looked for what would come out that week that he would enjoy most. I even went so far as to research his amazon video account just to see what he may like the most.  It was three I seen his Mission Impossible Collection. That is when I knew that was the movie to choose.

When I told him the movie and dinner I had wanted you could tell he was excited. He raved of the last of the sequel Ghost Protocol being his favorite. I knew I had the right choice instantly. It would bring a smile to him and he would enjoy. For me I could cuddle up to him in those comfortable chairs and stare at the smile. He hates when I stare at him and I can’t help it. So in the movie I could hide the fact that I can’t take my eyes off of him. He is SO SEXY!

The movie theater was spectacular, lounge seats superb. I did just as I had envisioned and cuddled him to pieces. The entire two hour movie I was snuggled and smiling. Being with someone whose happiness brings you inner joy is fantastic! My birthday was absolutely the best day. It had nothing to do with a thing we had planned and everything to do with being together.

Before going to the movie Marc had plans of his own for me. He took me to the Mall a large Mall that was in the area where we would be seeing our movie. We walked in with him saying I could look at anything I would like but he would really like for me to buy a new bra. Complaining of mine for weeks must have promoted this bra shopping experience. I looked at him and said, ” I have never bra shopped anywhere but Walmart I wouldn’t know where to begin?”. Memories of our dress shopping experience together fondly flooded in.

He had a few ideas for where we could look for bras. Jcpenny is where we ended up finding the best selection for myself. Into the fitting room I went snapping pictures to send to him standing just outside. Walking out both of us agreed we liked one in particular the best. It was the most comfortable fit too. They were ridiculously priced in my book as I am a Walmart shopper. These were NOT Walmart prices that was for sure. Marc noticed a sign that they were buy one get one free and begun his speech to why it and I was worth it. He has had to perfect this speech over the last 10 months as frugal as I like to be. I agreed to the purchase if we could find two in my size.

Ten minutes into looking I was discouraged that I wouldn’t find a second in my size at all. I asked a employee stocking the area for assistance to be let down that there were no more. Then I hear, “Babe, babe come here.” Marc had found an entire wall of my size and the bras I was shopping for. Finding my favorite color and fit as well. Isn’t he just simply perfect?

Stopping on the way out to buy me my favorite South Bend Chocolate Factory Pb Caramel Corn that was on sale as well. Leading to him buying me two bags of that as well. Gosh I am so spoiled. Here I had tried to not plan chick flicks and he took me shopping for bras and chocolate. Perfectly matched the two of us are! He gave me the best birthday

a girl could ask for.

273 Good Morning Beautiful Messages

October 15, 2017 I slept in his arms for the very first time. Afraid to be naked hiding my flaws. A ball of self doubt is exactly what I was back then. When he fell asleep that first night I remember pressing myself against his back and en hailing his scent. The next day I woke to Good Morning Beautiful. I was delighted to be told I was beautiful. I hadn’t heard it enough.

The next day I woke to it again. In fact every single morning but one I have been the first thing he does. He sends me a Good Morning Beautiful messages every single morning before getting out of bed. He taught me I was his priority!

Are you wondering why there was one I didn’t get a good morning text on. That day he had accidentally sent it to his mom. He didn’t notice until far later then told me right away. I had a good giggle that mom got my message.

Here we are now 273 good morning beautifuls later. He has instilled my value in me. Was this achieve by a simple text? Absolutely! Tell someone everyday what you want them to believe in and they will. At least I know I do. I walk next to him feeling beautiful even when my hair is a mess.

The smile you see me have is because of him. Marc taught me how to love myself. He taught me my worth. I always get a good night message too. A sweet dreams and I love you before bed. If I am home I am cuddled, he even comes to my side and lays to hold me till I fall asleep. Then slides out from under me to excuse himself to a shower. Being loved, being his, it’s the greatest thing in the entire world!

Morning & Night

I became a morning person years ago. As a child I was not! As a teen I think I tried to sleep my life away during those years. Maybe it was when I started the early morning cooking jobs that my internal clock to a change. I wake now everyday around 7 am. Sometimes as early as 6 am and sometimes I sleep in till 8. I am always up by 8 unless I am sick then chances are I am laying in bed simply because it hurts to do a thing else.
Marc, that man is not a morning person. If allowed he can easily sleep the day away till 1 pm or more. I remember my first night spending the night he slept half the next day. I found out that breakfast for him was really lunch! Those first few sleepovers I got very good at everwing. Some silly little game on facebook I would play with the kids. I would play in on silent trying hard not to move of wake him for hours and hours.
I would go to bed at 9ish when I meet Marc. On the good days 8 pm would make my heart happy to be in bed. Marc would be use to staying up till 2 or 3 in the morning! He had to force himself to bed at 11 on work nights. I wondered how exactly the two of us would work. Not only how do we co exist and both get our desired sleep but how do we get time together too.
So I adjusted a bit to staying up a little later most weekends. I stay up will around 11 sometimes even 12 if we are really enjoying some fun activity. If I am really tired Marc will notice and put me to bed early though. I stay up just to enjoy some time with him. When it’s time for me to get to bed. Marc will first come tuck me in. He will get in bed and snuggle with me and have our bed time talk. It’s become my favorite part of our days. He then checks to make sure I have whatever I might need at night. My water bottle or a snack if I might want. Sometimes he will put some meds at bedside. In case I am not feeling well.
After tucking me in and giving me my bedtime kisses he leave the room to do the same with all the animals and kids. Checking their needs. Shutting off the lights. Checking the fish tank for it’s needs. Grabbing his own bedtime snack. He never goes to bed without a snack on the corner of the bed frame for his middle of the night munchies. He then takes himself to the shower. Our bedroom light is left off for me but the tv remains on giving him some light. We have a bathroom in our bedroom at both houses. After his shower he snacks and watches tv. I never even hear him reenter the room after the shower I am always asleep by then. He stays up for hours past me. This gives him his own alone time too. He sometimes plays a video game. Sometimes gets on some adult entertainment and enjoys to himself with some headphones. It’s his time to do as he pleases while I peacefully sleep next to him!
We will hold hands time to time at night and cuddle as well. I wake up all the time to being on his chest or holding hands. In his sleep sometimes he just knows when I have awaken in pain and pats his chest so I know it’s okay to come be held. We have a large bed. He bought it during our first month together. I think he quickly saw I would be a permanent weekend fixture in his life. We do sleep in separate blankets though. Our temperatures are polar opposite. If I were to try to sleep with his thin blanket I would need it all and to wrap up like a burrito to stay warm enough and then he has been left to freeze. This may have happened a few times before we decided 2 blankets were a must. I use a thick heavy comforter. I sometimes share his and have my own too. He has central air that he keep set to polar express.
In the morning when I wake up. I take myself a shower. It helps me feel refreshed and awake! I love having a peaceful shower while everyone is still fast asleep. Marc stays in bed and isn’t waken by the shower. After my shower I grab my laptop ( My laptop at Marc’s it’s actually his but I am the only one who uses it) from the corner of our bedroom to blog. I blog or promote my blog every morning on the weekends. Usually for a couple hours straight. Then I wake the birds and kids and feed them. I make Marc breakfast in bed. Waking him around afternoon time.
It works out so perfectly us having different sleep schedules. We both get alone time. We both are attentive of each others needs so we give each other plenty of time together too. It’s like our little match made in heaven. I couldn’t be more blessed.

So Much Love To Give

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of how absolutely perfect Marc and I are for each other. Can you imagine each and everyday feeling loved entirely. Like my cup is just over flowing all day in the biggest ways. He loves me more than I knew I could be loved. I dish it right back at him.

I leave him notes randomly. I leave them in places for him to smile over. He sends me a good morning text message every morning before he does anything else. I wake to being told I am beautiful every single day. It’s just like our children we want them to learn something we repeat it everyday with them right? He has spent time teaching me I am beautiful. That alone just feels so good.

The two of us paying attention to the details. I leave him his favorite treats bedside for his before bed snack routine. Or restock his activa so he can stay regular. LOL He sneaks me peanut butter milk in the fridge. Dark chocolates in the freezer. He knows I like my chocolate cold. I use to watch the bathroom trash can to see what he was snacking on before I had my key and I would then make it home made. I did that with some pb sandwich cookies. He still talks about those months later. It’s probably a hint now that I think about it. Yesh I better get my s*** together and make my man some pb sammies.

He is so thoughtful. He playfully jokes and teases with me but then later will wonder if it was okay with me and wants to make sure I took it just as playful. I seen this week he wasn’t going to breakfast anymore. (we share an account) I knew I was packing his lunch so that is why I didn’t see that stop but why not breakfast I thought to myself. I went to the kitchen to see what he might have been taking for breakfast. I really didn’t think there was much around for that. It was a turkey sammy. I thought gosh that is a lot of sammy for one day. Since that is what I was packing for lunches were different types of sammies. So I baked him a blueberry coffee cake. I thought it would go well with his iced coffee in the morning. I have plans to make him some breakfast burritos to freeze and pop in the microwave in the morning on his way. I have to figure out what I would wrap them in. They would need to hold in freezer then pop in a microwave and stay warm his drive till he parked to eat them. I am racking my brain this week to put my plan in action for next week.

I realize life’s struggles and challenges don’t seem difficult at all if you feel loved. On the painful moment throughout the day now I focus on what I can do to make him smile. Taking my mind off and keeping myself busy at the same time. Everything seems simple even the horrible things. My bad dreams have drifted back away and I have just focused on returning all the love I am given. I have not been in peace as much as I have this week. I just keep reminding myself how invincible Marc and I are together. I can build his strength daily just showing him what he means to me. As he does still for me. Be grateful for love you are given and return it with everything you are. It will build you up more than you can possibly imagine! His love makes me happy to my core!

Making Morning Amends

Friday night I went to night sad. I felt like I would never have anyone to freely share life’s journey with. My significant other as wonderful as he is. Isn’t perfect and he hurt my heart and shut me down. I had cried myself to sleep that night but really said nothing to him for him to even know he had hurt me. The next morning when we woke I mentioned nothing. I cooked his breakfast for him and we began our morning snuggle ritual after he finished. During this he rubbed my face and begun his apology. He said after I had fallen asleep he thought about the situation all night. He called himself an asshole lol. Spilling his heart out of how it is painful for him to hear those memories. That he wishes he had been there to protect me that it’s difficult to hear how I was treated. I instantly burst into tears. Your all I have to tell. If you can’t hear those mild things I was sharing how will you ever be at my side now for court. I have an up and coming court battle that is going to pull many demons out of my closet. It is already opening so many wounds for me that once I am on that stand I can’t even imagine my state. I would need him more then than ever. I told him of how I wished now I hadn’t moved forward with court. I regretted everything I have done. I still do. Marc offered his apologies and promised to listen going forward. I wish I could say all was fixed during morning snuggles. That I felt secure in being able to be raw and open. That’s not the case. I feel better of the night. I took comfort in him knowing he had hurt me and reaching out to fix it. Without any prompting for me to even know I was hurt as I cried facing away from him and never mentioned it. I don’t have any confidence in him wanting to hear the misery though. I won’t be speaking on any of the letters. I won’t be sharing my fears of court. As painful as keeping it bottled feels it’s far more painful to know sharing is me causing the man I love pain. I now wish to silently go through court as painless as possible. The pleas I hoped wouldn’t happen… I prayed last night they would. So I never get on that stand. So he never hears.

Feeling More Alone Than Ever

Last night I was laying in bed cuddled up to the man of my dreams. I’m not really sure how the conversation started but I was sharing memories. Memories of my life before him. The life that made me who I am. As I was sharing, he shut me down. He asked me to stop. He told me he didn’t want to hear such depressing stuff. He proceeds to tell me he just wants to enjoy me. I felt an instant low. This isn’t the first time he has shut me down for sharing. In fact it happens all the time. He does the same to the kids. Our memories are NOT all sunshine and daisy’s. Most of it is sad. Mine even more so. The thing is are they really sad? I mean yea I went through some shit but I over came some shit! Doesn’t that therefore make those memories triumphs? I sat in bed wanting so badly to explain to my love how it feels to have just one person to confide and that one person doesn’t want you too. I haven’t had the courage to share before him. I knew no one wanted to hear my story. I have courage now but it’s all on deaf ears. I need so badly to share. I need to just get it all out. Be held. Be loved for all the bad that was my life. As I laid next to him and cried trying to hide it he apologized. I know he doesn’t mean to be hurtful. He likes positive and happy things is all. I can’t find enough to share that fits that category. I want to tell him of the letters I am receiving. I want to tell him how fucking sad I am. Instead I’m letting it eat me. I’m desperately seeking a friendship. I have none. I mean none. Not one person I will share with. I went to bed without cuddles. The first time I have been upset and offended. I get his thoughts, I get that hearing things can be difficult but those things made me who he loves. I woke up at 7 am puking my brains out. By 10 am I was in the bottom of the shower rethinking of last night and crying again. If he can’t hear these memories how on earth will he be at my side for court? It’s impossible so that too will now need to be done alone. I wish I could go back and not press charges. I wish I hadn’t done anything. I have started in motion what will bring out so much depressing stories. That he doesn’t want to hear. Life is utterly lonely!


I never knew something so simple would resonate in my mind for so long. I have not ever been much of a girly girly. Make up was not ever my thing. I think mostly because I was so clueless. I was 30 years old before I had convinced my mom to teach me anything about make up. Even when she did it was more of the don’t do’s then what to do. Don’t touch your face you will put oil on it. Don’t play with your hair same reason’s. Honestly that is all I remember is being in her bathroom getting ready for a Mary Kay party and feeling overwhelmed because I had no clue. So if I wear Make up the extinct of it is some simple eye liner and maybe lip gloss. Chances are the lip gloss is for moisture and has not a thing to do with wanting to be pretty. So on Friday morning I am off to the dollar store for tp and to get some cash back for my princess to take for spending on her field trip. I walk by this clearance  basket full of make up. I assume it caught my eye because I am always looking for the girls. They love to play dress up and do hair and make up. In the basket was a 50 cent eye liner. I got it and went on my way. Eye liner is a hot commodity for teen age girls if you weren’t aware. 50 cents is a total steal! I got home showed the girls and ended up putting some on myself. Fast forward now about 8 hours. My eyeliner must be a mess it’s almost 90 degrees outside. I have no ac at my place and I have been sweating like a pig all day long. Marc comes home from work while he is greeting his boys, ( our two macaws in the kitchen) he stops dead in his tracks and gazes at me. “Do you have make up on for me babe?” He says with just the biggest smile. “You look beautiful. ” I giggle and tell him it’s old. My heart just burst though. I can’t believe he noticed my 8 hour old messy eyeliner and said it was beautiful. Every time I looked in the mirror after I seen my messy eyeliner and felt beautiful. I hadn’t showered when he took me to dinner, hadn’t fixed my make up, I let him roll down the windows so my hair was quite a mess. He held my hand all over town with pride. Love is grand guys it fills you up with the best mojo. A sad week it was for me but a little eye liner can go a long way 😉