Review for Relaxing Massage Oil

It is no secret I have leg pain that can be very intense for me to get through at times. Often Marc gives me leg massages to help ease the pain. Recently we got this relaxing massage oil  hoping it would be a nice treat to my leg rubs.

My desire to rub Marc’s shoulder with the oil being great as well. When the relaxing massage oil arrived the first thing I did was smell it. Next I put it to Marc’s nose to smell. There is no way I could have it all over our bodies if we don’t both enjoy the smell. We tend to be a bit picky with our smelly stuff as well.  Only buying our hand soap at bath and body kind of picky.

Marc’s reaction to the smell was he enjoyed it. Upon asking what came to mind for him it smelled “Fresh”. My reaction was it was a distinct lavender scent. Lavender is such a relaxing scent.

When we used the oil it was pretty freaking fantastic. It didn’t leave behind a oily feel. It rubbed into the skin and left a moisturized feeling. Marc would have rushed to the shower before bed if it was oily or left a residue of any kind behind. I was so pleased to see this was not the case. We went to bed never needing to take the massage oil back off.

The scent in itself is relaxing but there is nothing better then giving my love a massage and getting one in return. It is calming and distressing for us both. Even if we are unable to take the pain away for each other we are able to provide a distraction from it.

We both gave the massage oil a five stars. We will purchase again absolutely! I’d like to check and see what other scents they have to offer. The bottle I got was 8 oz and it takes very little for the massage so it goes a long way.

Prairie Farms Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk

Alright lets just take a moment to recognize the greatest milk on the planet!  I first discovered it’s peanut buttery goodness when I was working a third part time job at a local truck stop. I was in charge of stocking all of the milk in the coolers and while doing so I seen the pint size special edition peanut butter milk. I had very little time to eat and would often skip eating because frankly I didn’t get sick if I limited my food intake. So when I seen it I just had to try it. I walked right out of the cooler with it in hand and made the purchase. Oh my goodness did it set the taste bud receptors off like little fireworks on the fourth of July! It was like a pop rock explosion in my mouth I was in love. I had already finished the pint before finishing the short stroll back to the cooler duties. I tossed the bottle in the trash and made sure to purchase another on the way out. I actually missed the job dearly simply because it was the only place I could find this delicious milk to purchase. My dearest loves to shop at Martins. I bit of a expensive grocery store in my opinion so I don’t ever shop there. He goes for his fresh produce for the animals. When we walked in there it was right upon entering the side door by the cafe my milk!!! They have it 10 for $10 every six weeks or so and whenever they do Marc and I scoop up every single one. I can easily finish 15 pints in a weekend. It’s the very best stuff in the whole world. It taste like a liquid peanut butter cup! I would recommend everyone trying it!!!!! It’s a limited addition so maybe if we are start purchasing we can keep it around. I know I NEED it in my life! It has a big 8 GRAMS of protein!!!! Which is probably the thing that makes me feel better when I have gone all day without eating.