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Bday Celebrations Part 2

After our pet store adventure the kids wanted to laser tag. They had asked to go back to the small little spot we had gone to in our run down… Read more »


My Ability To Make Things Happen For The Minions Despite Our Financial State

So it’s always been a well known fact that outside of me no one has ever been thrilled to the idea of the number of kids I have. I don’t… Read more »

More Success For Clare Bear!

Today I was greeted at the door by Care Bear wanting to share her success with me! Clare is my middle daughter. She has just turned 13 in March. Clare… Read more »

Deadpool 2

Last night Marc took Allen, Clare, and myself out to the movies to see Deadpool 2. Deadpool 2 was a movie that Allen was really wanting to see. We don’t… Read more »