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Oh Gosh, Mother’s Day is usually one of those days when I’m screaming on the inside. Mostly it has been filled of hiccups and stress if I’m just being honest. A few were okay but none stand out as the one to remember until this year.

This year I didn’t plan! Let’s be real I plan everything in my world and things need to be planned for me to feel secure. Most of the people in my world aren’t planners though. Leaving this to always fall on me. It’s huge for me to have the day planned by someone other than me. This well defined laid out plan for the day. It’s funny how for me this gesture in itself was a gift!

Marc planned and booked breakfast at the Tippecanoe. This fancy mansion that they serve incredible buffet style food. It’s a casual dress attire and I so enjoyed putting on the dress that I bought for our first big date almost 5 years prior. Seeing Marc and Malachi who was also our guest looking spiffy in their dress clothes light me up. What handsome men escorted me inside.

Stepping into this mansion I felt like a complete princess. Walking up these steps to enter the main bedroom where we would dine was just breathtaking. There was a pianist playing at the bottom of the steps. Where you would stand in line for the omelets the piano was just behind you. Even playing some current day tunes that gave me a giggle.

The food was just incredible. There was waffles with mascarpone bringing back found memories of the Ritz Carlton adventures when Marc stole mine. So he made sure my plate just heaped of it when he went for waffles for me. It was so special.

The kids who didn’t go got me a puppy, puppy accessories, and home made art. They all listened and there was literally no stress for the day. It was so perfect. A day I will cherish in my memories forever!

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