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Here we are the time has come. My first born is ready to walk that stage. His little sister did beat him by a year but she wasn’t able to walk a stage due to the pandemic. Allen gets the chance to walk the stage.

I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of him. He was so driven until there was a shooting incident at his school. Allen had lost all drive and to be honest I am pretty sure he begun suffering from depression.

At some point I just laid out here are your options. Once he was into a program again he was soaring instantly. Got right into his grove and I quickly realized he had done what was needed for the diploma and the ged both.

One day while he was at work I got the letter from the state that I was correct. Allen graduated. I had all the paperwork for cap and gown and his graduation when I arrived to pick him up from work that day. He beamed with pride in himself.

Something every mother longs to see in their child. Now he is an employed driving graduate. He will walk the stage this next month with all the people he has always wanted to make proud.

It’s hard to realize it’s over his childhood that he is now grown and in the real world of being a grown up. With all those grown up downers. Like bills and stress by the boatloads. So of course I am here supporting and hoping to give him whatever tools and time I can to live a wonderful prosperous life. How ever will I let go when he spreads his wings I still don’t know!

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