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My life has just been blessed. I have no complaints of any kind. Last week Marc added to our routine. He decided that in the morning he needed to add in a cuddle with me before leaving for the day for work. Talk about my kind of man! Seriously, ladies he is perfection!

So we already have more cuddle time in our daily routine than any other couple I know. Deliberate time set aside just to be lost in each other’s touch. That is the kind of cuddle time I am referring too. That is how we now start and end each and every day together.

Even if I somehow have stayed asleep when he gets up and ready for work he will gently wake me by snuggling his head upon my butt. It wakes me enough to give him pets and roll over for the big snuggle.

I remember our first outing with his friends. To a bar, for a bday I believe. At the bar he was petting down my arm, one of his friends commented it was so cute and how they use to do the same in the beginning. Instantly I leaned in to Marc and said I hope you pet me forever and never stop!

It’s almost been five years now and the pets are ever more. The cuddles have grown into our deliberate routine. My sleep is perfected by those chest cuddles he gives while petting the side of my face and hair. His mornings are started now with ten mins on my chest. Deep shoulder and head rubs before he is off to his hard stressful day at work just makes things better.

If you asked me the last disagreement I had with Marc it would strain my memory to come up with an answer. There has still never been harsh words or names to each other. It’s honestly the most loving relationship I’ve ever witnessed in life. I never remember my parents’ having this with anyone. No surprise I didn’t know this pain free love existed.

Yet here it is. My relationship only bringing positive to the table. Growing and striving together. Honestly, the things we have overcome together it truly blows my mind. The amount of love and understanding we shower each other in. This is what love is. Finally I found my forever. The routine I hope to grow old and spend my days in is right here. I’m truly happy.

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  1. That is so sweet!

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