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Everyone has their own thing that they just love right? I’d say mine is true stories. I’m just absolutely obsessed with them. If I have the tv on you can almost bet that the show or movie is a true story. Based on some true events or a docuseries where I can learn about someone life.

I’ve always been so intrigued on knowing what happened to create the person. What was the story behind the situation. Crime stories are top of the list but really I can be found watching anything truth based. Today I am engulfed in the Jen Shah story. Truth be told I was never one for the housewife series. There are so many of them but I can’t say I’ve ever watched a single episode.

But I sat down today working on some computer stuff always means having something to binge in the background. I tend to let the streaming suggestions pick for me often and today that was the case. Coming across the Jen Shah story I didn’t even realize she was a housewife till quite a bit in the show. I was completely intrigued with her life and what made her steal from others. Finding it all so fascinating. Even if housewives would not ever be my kind of show this story was.

I did the same with the LuLaRoe legging scam thing. Hooked as soon as I started watching. Absolutely having no clue about any of it prior to the tv show being watched. SInce the pandemic I find myself watching even more and socializing even less. It’s my thing to sit and binge something while using one of my passive income techniques to earn some side cash.

Now realizing I’m just so totally obsessed I rarely watch anything that isn’t true story based. Unless it’s with Marc everything I’m watching true story, based on some true events. Cuddled up to the dog and having conversations about the show as if he is as obsessed as I.

So please share your favorite watched true story in the comments!!! Series or Movie I don’t mind either! Also tell me what are you obsessed with?

3 thoughts on “What is your OBESSION?

  1. Two true-ish stories I watched recently were INVENTING ANNA and THE TINDER SWINDLER [the latter went slowly for me at first].

    Netflix has a really good site called Tudum which goes into so many of the aspects of these stories and other programmes.

    I am obsessed with geopolitics.

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      I’m watching the tinder swindler right now! I loved inventing Anna!

      1. Wow!

        You will probably have noticed that Tindler Swindler is very focused on the women – especially one who was to swindle him back.

        Rhimes really did a good job with “Anna” and Garner’s accent was topnotch.

        Also Anna Chlumsky – did you enjoy her when you were younger?

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