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on the boat

I’m sitting in bed with my better half and we are just casually chatting. Typically there is an animal show of some kind on in background when we aren’t really paying attention. Like some animal planet or discovery show. It’s our go to for background tv really. We are sitting there together and we both pay attention to the show at the same time.

This particular episode is a water safety edition. Meaning some coast like guys are checking water laws. Like you know where a life jacket, Fish with a license, don’t speed in the boat type stuff. It instantly brings memories up for Marc and I of our time on the Lake.

Marc had rented a cabin for us and it was in the middle of this family compound. Not at all what we were expecting. Therefore we found it best to spend our days on the water. We would go to this marina show our id grab our boat and off we would go. Spending the entire day on the water.

When we got that boat. There was literally nothing to it. They copied your id, told you reverse and forward and if you came into the sea weed gun it in reverse. That was it. Our whole tutorial in a nutshell. Which we were fine with it was literally the greatest time of my life.

So now back to the North Woods Law playing on tv. So in the episode there is a boat on the water. Just cruising along. It’s making huge white waves as it goes. It all looks super familar to Marc and I as it’s a replica of the boat we went on during our trip. Now the law is after this boat.

The law comes up to the boat and just starts laying down the law. She tells him he is breaking the law. That you can’t make breaks near other vessels. She continues with more and more rules and violations he is breaking. By now Marc and I are both laughing. As we literally broke them all unknowingly on our vacation.

She continues with it being federal law as the man states I’m not from here. I gave my id and rented the boat. I had no idea there was a safety or boaters class to take. We laugh harder as we had none of the above while cruising on the boat that day. In fact Marc and I not only definitely were always speeding in that boat we also sunbathed nude for hours. Falling asleep naked as can be on that boat for hours.

Never did we even know if there were life jackets aboard. It never really even crossed our mind about a speed limit. Marc parking was honestly just a riot. We banged into the dock repeatedly and cruised passed it making circle after circle attempt just to park. We had not a clue what we were doing. North Woods Law listing every law we had broken on that boat that day had us laughing deep within our bellies together.

Memories like these will last us a lifetime. It’s one we will carry close and always speak so fondly of. Our nude speeding adventures in our boat we drove without safety course…. or instructions.. or life jackets. I truly just love life. That’s a memory I hold close.

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