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Are we all not so excited that last year is finally gone? I don’t know about you but I am feeling a bit stronger after surviving that mess. Only can go up from here kind of attitude to take into the New Year.

New Years Eve there is no party to tell of. It’s just not really our lifestyle. We much rather enjoy snuggles and talks. Or binge watching some crappy series. When we were down with the sickness over the holiday we legit binged a series we both hated. So sick we lacked the energy to change it until we were so far in we needed to see how it ended.

We giggle of that awful series that we never turned. Snuggled to each other sick as dogs still finding a reason to giggle together. That’s our style.

I didn’t really give a resolution for the year but I am committing to paying off all the credit cards. As well as more vacations. All the time I want to vacation. Time away with the kids’ and alone both is what I long for. I enjoy exploring so much!

Twenty Twenty One was a long year the kids are often sent home from school to quarantine because they were close to someone who may have covid. Then I rush to pick them up separate them from the rest of the house and wait it out praying they don’t come down with it. So far no positives for covid. For that I am so grateful.

Seeing a new year come in brings in new hope. Things can change and we can adapt and have a better year. Looking forward to all we can achieve as a family this year. Truly the sky is the limit. Can’t wait to see the path my children take and how far they come in life. They are my reason for breathing.

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