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Another Christmas under our belts. As always nothing went as it was planned and yet it went without a flaw. Starting Christmas shopping back in August left me with quite the stack. Eight hundred presents in all.

There was no tree as the solid month before Christmas we took turns passing around this awful sickness. For awhile I was pretty convinced that the covid had settled into my house and taken it and all of us over. However the test for covid stayed negative throughout. We all couldn’t do much through the sickness battle. It was hard enough to just not let the house turn into a giant trash can. So there was no tree or decorations this year as there has been years prior.

Instead there was simply a mountain of gifts and tons of excitement that just in time for Christmas we all felt better. For the months leading up to Christmas every time that mountain would grow I would feel a sense of accomplishment. My entire life revolves around the kids and my better half. Knowing I would bring them joy opening their gifts just lights me up from within.

This year Paytyn let me know he much rather prefer a lot of small things, even things that he needed to be wrapped over a few bigger items. So I wrapped literally everything. He explained being surrounded with tons of gifts and surprises that were all his was exciting. He felt spoiled by that and that was a good feeling. It was so much though I really couldn’t see what was being open or the reactions of the kids. It took us two and half hours just full fledge everyone ripping open everything at the same time.

Legitimately I was just pouring in sweat by the end of the passing out of the gifts. I had thought I could play Santa alone. Quickly enlisted Marc and Aaden to help sling out presents. I was calling names and tossing presents from one side the room to another in a rapid fashion.

When it was all over we hogged down some pizza from the local woman owned pizza parlor in my town. It’s absolutely the best pizza you can eat. Visiting with Marc’s family after pizza until dark with our bellies full and our hearts bursting is how we finished off the evening.

The parents left at bedtime and I quickly made my way up to my kids rooms. Planting myself on the floor and asking them about all their stuff. Seeing what they were most excited for and what color clothes I should skip out on next time. Marc made his way up to check on me and give me more time with them while he did chores and shower himself. I probably hung out another two hours upstairs hearing them rave all the things they loved that they got. I couldn’t have been happier with the day.

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