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While in Alabama staying in that magnificent cabin I noticed a bird. I kept calling it a crane but truth be told I am really not sure what it was. When I perked up seeing us wind back into the woods where we would be staying. The “crane” like bird was right out my window sitting at the waters edge. I managed to see it between the tears and gasped in excitement. Marc missed this first viewing and it pretty much made me determined to see it again so he could identify it for me.

As we got closer I seen it again. Of course Marc still driving he did not. Unloading at the cabin and settling in left the crane far from mind. We were so tired that first evening wasn’t time for exploring. However the next morning as soon as I thought of the bird it would appear.

Across the way were a line of homes and docks. From my cabin porch through my binoculars was the perfect view of the crane. I would just watch and watch. Problem was it was always just far enough away that you couldn’t identify. Just be aware that the appearance was like a crane. Those huge wings span out each time it would notice me watching and off it would go.

If we left the cabin for a trip to the store or to dinner. I would ask to stop and see if my bird was at the water and of course that would certainly be the case. Each and every time as though he was waiting for me to get a glimpse of him.

Marc would pull over and I would tip toe my way to the water hoping to get a closer look. Camera up and snapping away each step I got closer. However I never got close enough to know. Videos and pictures just not quite close enough. Something would startle the large beautiful creature every time I was close. Lucky was I to see if soar away though.

Is it crazy to feel a bond with a animal you’ve never made it within 100 foot of? I thought this bird and I were one each time I went to see him just waiting there for me. Certainly he wasn’t flying from me just other noises that startled it.

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