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Let’s talk about the outdoor part of my most fabulous vacation. This spectacular cabin I found and had booked for us had deeded lake access. About 100 feet from the cabin itself. Surrounding the cabin was thick woods it was the perfect spot for exploration.

We took off up what I called a mountain side but the locals were adamant was simply a hill. The incline was enough to quickly take my breath and leaving me with the need for a walking stick. Of course I was completely in winter attire in 77 degree weather. Trying to use my winter gear as a protective layer from the bugs of course.

I put in a plea to Marc for a walking stick to assist me with the climb into the woods. The perfect stick was in my hand in a mere seconds. It really did make the hike much easier from there.

On this woods exploration we were pleased to see a little box turtle. He was hiding under some leaves and I am not sure how Marc spot him but he has a great eye. The turtle was chowing on this big puffy mushroom. So much so that he has a white mustache when we find him. I never realized that they eat mushrooms so I was quite intrigued.

The next up was the spiders. They were some of the most gnarly spiders I have ever seen in my life. White and covered in this black spikes that look like that could easily take me out. I found myself often surrounded by more spiders than I cared to have in my vicinity. Really was quite brave of me to explore as much as I did.

There were so many different mushrooms. I couldn’t seem to get enough pictures of them and their colors. Even if it meant getting thorns all into my pants and legs. It was such fun to just be in such a new spot. Somewhere that Marc and I hadn’t shared with each other previously. Googling as we found things we new nothing about. Learning together seemed to be the best part of our vacation.

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