What defines me?

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Night one at the cabin came and went so quickly as we didn’t really get in till after dinner time. The second day was spent enjoying that big fabulous hot tub. Exploring in that thick woods that was engulfing us in our little secluded mountain side. Honestly everything was blissful.

We spent the entirety of the day just relaxing. The morning to myself smoking on the deck my fat doobie while staring out at the perfect sunrise. The afternoons watching and movie and napping. Marc in the large recliner and myself on the log style couch. It was shaping up to be the vacation we had dreamed it to be.

That’s usually when that hiccup comes along to keep us on our toes though. Right when we have forgotten anything but the solitude our southern adventure. Marc found a tick in my butt! He was clever to not let me know that was the case until after the fact. Telling me he was just checking out a mole I had.

Recently I have had some self esteem issues really creep in horribly. Removing the moles or skin tags from my skin became a must and I bought a machine on amazon to do such. So it was rather believable he was about to rip it off.

After removing the tick the truth was revealed to me. I of courses teased with my normal negative banter. You know… like oh shit now I’ve surely got the lime. Going to have to take care of me now. No bacon for us anymore. Legit, I was annoyingly funny whinnying about my butt. Except… then that shit started to feel true. My butt swelled a huge welt where the tick had been previously embedded.

By the time we went out to dinner I was really thinking I was sick. Ruby Tuesday was not a wise dinner plan. I got sick right after leaving. We had to stop at walmart that night. I barely made it through the store before projectile vomiting’s all over the parking lot next to the car. The poor car besides me watching as i launched that Ruby Tuesday ten feet!!!

Laying my head briefly back in the car for some ” I knew I was going to get the lime” Pushing a smile on my face while my stomach just felt miserable. Marc tried to reassure me things were fine it was okay that I was dripping vomit from my chin in my brand new car.

The 7 mile trip back to the cabin took three more times of pulling over before we made it home. By then I thought my stomach was surely empty. Again proven wrong as I continued to get sick inside. Finally I shut off the bathroom lights and curled myself into the bottom of a hot shower on the cool floor tile. About an hour later I was just fine like nothing had happened at all.

In fact I was eating some donuts in bed and snuggling to some Aretha and RESPECT. The next morning I woke feeling as though I was in perfect shape again. Cooking breakfast to myself and throwing down grub for that better half of mine. While cooking I would lean against the cabinet and just stare out at the horizon. Feeling so blessed this was the life I had. Not even being sick could rain on my parade.

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