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I have so much to share from my Alabama vacation. I mean seriously it was just so much fun. There were definitely some very tough moments. Emotionally it was my biggest test since beginning the journey to better mental health. Faced with a huge trigger….

But for now lets talk FOOD! Cooking is my love. It’s my love language too. Cooking for those I love and seeing them enjoy really brings such joy. Having a new kitchen to explore and throw done some fantastic grub in. It really does excite me.

When I walked into the cabin in Alabama I soaked it all in. The excitement was brewing the second I opened the door. I had brought with me a huge cooler of food and a couple of tubs packed full as well. I was prepared to cook some home made goodness.

That first morning in the moments. when I was prepping the food in this brand new fancy kitchen I was just on cloud nine. Opening each cabinet to see what I had to work with. Grabbing out the pans and spices I brought myself. It was fun to explore every inch of the kitchen. Taking my time and carefully deciding the perfect meal each morning.

I’m always the first up. So this time in the morning. is all to myself. I enjoy that most. Having the kitchen to just create. Then waking those I love with a plate of this meal I made with them in mind. It’s peaceful to me in front of that stove.

This Alabama kitchen was even more peaceful. The view from the stove was just the most impressive I had ever laid my eyes on. I took three hours each morning to myself sitting in the deck smoking my cannabis and then heading into that kitchen to pour my love into the meal. Putting on a movie to watch in the background was even more perfect.

The kitchen and living room being an open concept made the morning even more enjoyable. It wasn’t like home with my Alexa blaring. Instead I played “Respect” on the big screen and sung right along to the movie. We ate breakfast at the table that sat right in front of the big glass doors that opened to the mountain view. It was literally the most perfect morning each day!

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