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Really, I’m just pretty happy with life. My new car came in just in time for our big vacation for our anniversary. We hopefully already got our first Fall cold out of the way and things will just be grand for the trip.

My excitement has just been building immensely for this trip. I realize most of the trip is actually like a man trip. Where Marc and his buddies will spend their time goofy off and flying planes. However, how exciting that Marc wants me to tag along? To be honest he wouldn’t go if I wasn’t.

His attitude will be extraordinarily pleasant because he will be on the field doing what he truly loves. This is a win for me. I can take time to myself and enjoy time with him both while at the field. It’s actually the perfect mix of both for me and rather relaxing.

On the way to the field two days at the cabin that literally looks heavenly. That’s for us to spoil each other. With Marc having in the back of his mind that I let planes me the center of our anniversary you know a girl is going to be spoiled rotten.

I’ve spent weeks couponing things to make our trip less and less primitive. A shower, stove, cabin like tent. I really enjoy planning but boy do I get myself stressed. No reason for it but it happens just the same.

My new car is heavenly. Feeling like a spoiled princess everywhere I drive the thing. It’s also really making my mind ease with backing out of places as my sight is really just already in the granny stage of life I swear.

My kids are all soaring with great grades and positive attitudes. I’m truly blessed with the whole bunch. Hailey is home less and less but so am I. I see her just in passing a couple times a week. That can be a bit daunting as I miss her so. Malachi has been doing impressively well with all his own new found responsibilities.

I’m still sending those text to my mother…… I can’t really give much of a reason other than when I forgave Marc for this powerful stuff that came into play…… I had an enormous amount of guilt for how easy it was to forgive him and not her. I chose to love him no matter what… My mindset was I should do the same for her.

Marc and I are continuing to really grow. Things with us have always been pretty good. We don’t do any fighting really at all. Never hardly even raise our tone with each other. It’s been quite a privilege to spend my days and time getting to know him and how he needs to be loved. Showing him what he is capable of. He really just has no idea how amazing he is. I love showing him that.

Life is just very busy and feels like it’s in overdrive. I wish I could slow it all down and soak in more time with those I love. The moments just breeze by into a memory so easily.

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