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Today in the mail came the order form for my Malachi’s cap and gown. I literally screamed for joy so loud I am certain the neighbors must have heard it. My son is going to finish his high school education after all the hard work and obstacles it’s finally over.

It was uncertain if this day would come just two short years ago. Malachi without the drive to get through the day to day of the daunting task that is high school. Lacking in the ambition but never the brains. He just didn’t have it in him to apply himself.

For me as a mother I felt so helpless trying and trying to get him on the path I thought best. Spending time changing his education plan over and over hoping one change would stick and he would fall in love with learning.

Finally, the drivers license hooked him in. Mom only pays for driver’s ed to kids passing at her level. Which meant Malachi pulling off c average in every class. I stayed on him at every turn but eventually he had found his drive.

Watching last year and he got into his grove and found pride in himself was such a relief. My heart was so full of joy watching him soar like I always knew he could. Moving any mountain in his way I set his path for him and he put one foot in front of the other everyday.

Now the time is here. Beginning to plan his graduation is the most exciting thing. It will not be a thing like Hailey’s. With strict rules no family party and no big celebration. A nice dinner and maybe a bon fire after. Very much still look forward to making his day fabulous. Seeing him off to the Marines will definitely be a hard day!

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