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While sitting in bed the other night the topic of being prepared comes up between Marc and I. Can’t really sure what lead up to the conversation as that has become fog in my memory now. However it was very deep to lay in bed and ponder together.

My entire life has been a path of being prepared. For goodness sakes as a teen I would prep myself for being homeless again by laying in the shower switching from home to cold and learning to withstand it. Even pulling in a towel into the shower to build a shelter from the cold rain. So safe to say I’ve instilled in myself being prepared.

Marc, he shares that same drive with me. We have been asked by friends and family if we are expecting negative to come. Maybe even some say waiting on it. However it’s really not the case. It just brings peace to know the what if’s are prepared for. Not like we live in a world of daisy and roses.

Yesterday, just a night after us laying in bed talking about how we enjoy being prepared for things we took our children to the gun range. Having the ability to safely defend yourself or hunt your own food that brings me peace. My children not fearing a gun and knowing the responsibility it holds is extremely important to me.

It’s clear always that I take being prepared further than Marc tends to. My need to feel secure is higher for sure than his. Hoarding food, stashing that emergency 20 somewhere unseen in my wallet. Or things like making sure that the kids are I share the same digital bank. For times when they may need cash and I am not there. Instant money transfers to your kids for the win!

Planning our vacation something less life threatening to prepare for. That for me means saving money. Cutting back the budget and pocketing the extra cash for vacation expenses. Marc jumped up to join my efforts by earning gift cards at work to be used on the trip. It’s instinctual now for us to work together preparing for what we want or what may come.

Often Marc speaks of how easy life is together. So often are we on the same wave length with things. Being prepared is just one of those wave lengths I suppose. There is peace to be found in preparing for what may come. Not the negative fear for the worst prepare but the know your ready for anything kind.

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