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You ever just know that you were meant to be where you are right now? I feel that so often with Marc. Like we just fit to the puzzle for each other. Raising each other up in ways you honestly can’t imagine.

With my surgery ahead and Marc having has his surgery’s last year it makes things more clear as we needed each other. Life knew that and knew now was the time. I’ve grown so very much in these last four years. As has he!!!

Four years ago if anyone would have told him he would be raising over half dozen kids I am sure he would have uncontrollably laughed at them. To be honest though when I walked in I don’t think he ever gave those kids a second thought. It was just yes this is my new life. He lived a very bachelor life and yet with the drop of a pin changed it all.

I’ve thought a great deal about the words he said about this life he has now wouldn’t exist without me. It’s true I’m sure. I grounded him. Made him see how much a family had to offer and he never looked back. But for me he opened a door so large and heavy no one else before ever could. The dead bolt was too high for me to reach myself but not for him.

He unlocked a door of freedom for me. He gave me trust like no one ever had before. So grateful that he let me in and trusted me for everything I took that and soared. Marc showed me the value I had never seen in myself. In return I instilled that he would not ever be lonely again. That he didn’t need to be perfect or without flaw. My love didn’t have any conditions.

Our life now is incredibly blessed. We both have this amazing strength inside from each other. No way are either of us perfect. It’s safe to say we both already broke the others heart a time or two. However it makes us no less the perfect fit. Since there is no one in the world capable of mending those hearts but us. We strive daily to make sure of that mending. Striving to be better for the other makes us better for ourselves.

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