What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

There isn’t a moment where my brain isn’t thinking how can I bring in income. How can I barter a surplus of my families needs. Sitting in the car while Marc drives on some adventure my phone is in my hand focused on the side hustle. Multitasking is in my blood. Sitting watching some lifetime movie while letting ads play for swag bucks or for a game to win gift cards. Then using the gift cards to stretch as far as I can. Coupon codes for everything. Apps taking over my phone. The drive is in me to make sure my family succeeds without me being away. Having an autistic son who will always be home means this is my life. I look at the laundry soap I just couponed and think I could wash laundry for others for trades for change whatever they can afford. I see everything as an opportunity. I stop to pick up the penny in the parking lot every time. I save and hustle in every situation. There are 17 apps on my phone used to make money, gifts, and gift cards. I’ve learned to make meals from very little because I came from very little. My meal planning is based on sales and coupons. My kids wanted a membership I couldn’t afford I asked to give my time instead. It’s valuable and it worked just fine for me! It’s all about mindset!

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