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So recently with everything going on and being cooped up inside I reached out to Cool Bank wanting to purchase their art supplies as a way to keep the kiddos busy. They so graciously responded telling me about their colored pencil set that would be perfect for my daughter. Hailey being quite the little artist. She really enjoys top of line art supplies.

When Cool Bank shipped us the colored pencils and sketch books Hailey’s eyes lite up. They were so bright and vibrant in color. They had a labeled lid showing each color and their name. Making it really easy to remember and find which color you may have used on your art work.

Day 30 of sheltering at home left me with far too many bored kids to accomplish a thing! Cool Bank saved the day again when we realized how well they worked for wall art! Next thing I knew there was a dragon on the wall. Kids smiling and an entire day of peace and quiet for Mom! What a win!

I would absolutely recommend Cool Bank for all of your butting artist at home. They are a product living up to their reputation of an outstanding product. I can’t wait to see what else Hailey can create with these amazing art supplies.

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