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As I scroll through my facebook groups I see post after post of how people can’t believe mom’s are still dragging out their kids. Post about how a mom deserved a cps call for making her kids buy groceries in line at the store with her. Blown away am I by all of it. What on earth are single mom’s to do? Leave their kids who are to young home alone? You want them to now find a babysitter with daycare closed? You want them to come up with the husband’s and family that abandoned them?

The solutions are basically the Mom needs to fix the problem. She should go herself figure it out. Nothing helpful is being offered as a solution. So much shaming and bashing. We are tearing down those we are already at their lowest. Luckily that mom isn’t me anymore. I’m not in that position and I am so grateful. It’s just barely in my rear view being that mom though and boy does my heart hurt thinking of all those others still there.

Life is already so scaring. We are already battling so much as single parents. I sit up at night with all of the worries running through my head. Spending time trying to switch myself out of survival mode now to be thrown right back in it.

I dread having to leave home. It’s not even about the virus completely. It’s going out to be judged and shamed. Going out and seeing the looks because buying 5 dozen eggs to others is hoarding. They have no idea this doesn’t even last us a week. No one cares either. They are not interested in knowing your why’s only in being angry.

I am just hoping the compassion spreads and people start to remember we are all in this together. Solutions and not blame is all that we need during these hard times. It’s not as easy as you think and you don’t know each other’s stories.

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