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It’s pretty clear changes are hear to stay for awhile. My princess had her bday this weekend. Unfortunately just days before she came down with a cold that was kicking her butt. Cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, and tummy ache. With the virus still on the rise pretty much anything causes alarm.

She had to spend her weekend mostly in her bedroom to herself. So she didn’t pass what she had to the rest. She did get to come out long enough for us to sing to her but that was about it. 15 mins out of 4 days spent out of her room. My heart hurt for her. No sleepover, no outting. Not even hanging out with the parents because you can’t work if you have a cough and no one can miss work.

This morning while cooking breakfast with Hailey she said Clare said it was one of her best bdays. The home made cake her sister made. The singing in the kitchen. Putting up the projector and her picking her favorite movie. All the girls piled in the bedroom. She loved every moment of her day. Missing out on her grandparents but knowing we would get t o make that up very soon.

The changes keep coming but the kids they just don’t care about it. They have all they need and are not fearful. They know we will be in this together and how strong our tribe is. Such encouragement I get from their peace of mind.

It’s hard to keep your mind off the increasing numbers and statistics. It’s consuming in everything now. Just been trying to stay home and focus my mind on how to improve our quality of life. New ways to bring in income. Ideas on how to say money. Keep my brain on the useful stuff. While still being mindful of taking precautions. Staying home and cleaning and transferring anything I have to resort to buying at the store.

I’m not certain that life will go back to how things were now or if they will move forward into a new normal. For now we are just rolling with the punches and making due with what life hands us. After all we are so blessed to have each other.



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