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Anyone else feeling totally overwhelmed by the daily changes? I haven’t hardly left my home now but the rare occasion that was a must like the pharmacy run I was completely blown back by the changes. People with such anger towards each other in the line about how close they were getting their carts to each other. Just how they would respond to each others fears were mind blowing for me.

I already had stayed to myself without a soul for a friend so the isolation isn’t so bad. Missing my couponing and mystery shopping a bit since that was a big part of my life. It’s still not that bad not having to shop 5 times a day. What is disturbing for me is the constant changes.

If you spent your day online you can see every moment a new report of a new symptom now being considered the virus. Or you can see the different information by all the officials in office. The numbers are always changing. The fear ever growing.

Change is intimidating. I had just adjusted into this life where I was no longer in need of the survival mode that I had raised myself in. As I tried to break down that mind set here is the world saying we are all in survival mode. This is the fight of our lives as a whole.

My home better prepared than most and yet everyday I have to sit down my children and make sure they clearly understand the need to sanitize and wash our hands nonstop. The need to not engorge themselves eating because they see I have a bit more stockpiled than normal to prevent going out. Reminding my kids that food waste is critical to prevent right now as the limitations in the store are below what we need to make a meal for a family our size. It’s so scary as a mother to have these talks. To ensure your children they are safe but still must take all of these precautions.

I am waiting daily to hear that our income is gone or reduced even more. Losing the life I have worked so hard to build is a overwhelming fear that is taunting me daily. Racking my brain at ideas to keep income flowing. This is now our daily life. The changes are not stopping anytime soon and I am not even certain life will go back to what it was.

How are you dealing with the changes? Are you afraid of what is to come?

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