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This past weekend we found ourselves at the Clay High School. They have an indoor fly in there. Inside the gym as you walk in the very first thing that will catch your eye is the Horizon Hobbies table that always sits with some neat plane! This time they did a raffle. Of course I was all over that. I had my eye on the eflite delta ray one that was sitting there just ready for me to win! I even bought a extra five tickets last minute because my gut just said do it! Guess what?! Those tickets sure did have the winning raffle number! There I was running across the gym in my snap on socks happy as a clam to claim my prize!

I simply can’t wait for the batteries to come in and get it binded and up in the air. I had a fabulous time at the fly in watching everyone with their new planes and some with their tried and true planes.

My eflite is a trainer so I can learn some cool skills without such a high risk of wrecking it! It’s the peace of mind every mom wants while teaching their little ones to fly to I am sure. img_5646img_5643_std.original-1img_5643_std.originalimg_5645_hd.original-3img_5642_dvd.originalimg_5645_hd.original-2img_5645_hd.original-1img_5645_hd.originalimg_5642_std.original

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