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The smallest things I seemed to have taken for granted for so long. I couldn’t slow myself down to enjoy them rather. I had tried a garden once. In containers because the landlord wouldn’t allow planting in the ground. He hated flowers even. I took quite a bit of pride in what I had growing in those containers. More so when we harvested and ate some of what we grew.
I didn’t have much time back in those days to truly enjoy growing. I didn’t have to do much tending in the containers and it wasn’t something I could just stroll through. This year I had started a few seeds inside our home. I had just a few growing really. I kept talking of how I would get a tiller and make a patch for my garden. Putting it off further and further until the place that I volunteer had a farmer bring in many starter plants.
One look and I knew it would be enough to really have a garden. I walked over and gave a donation and filled my car. Returning home to place teens to work tilling my space. Now I had all the seedlings I had been growing inside, the herb garden I had in the window sill all ready to transfer. It took me an entire day to get it all in the ground. I wondered if any would actually produce.
I have quite the zoo in the back yard that I am always feeding. Wouldn’t they just help themselves to my garden? I would never know if I didn’t try though.
When the garden begun to truly flourish. It lite me up inside. Picking the vegetables to pass on to my birds, kids, and rat brought me great joy. Giant leafy greens for my Tortoise in plenty. Seeing the animals chomp down on the plants I grew made me feel fulfilled.

I’ve found that I tend to get lost in that little patch of my yard. Kneeling and watching the bees. Counting over a dozen at one time out there pollinating their little hearts out. Watching the growth in the peppers and seeing the pumpkin plant grow like a weed truly brings me this sense of peace.
Having the ability to lay claim to this piece of my yard and do with it as I please is a bit empowering. Seeing what glories I can produce from such a small little piece of land is pretty remarkable. Take time to garden!

One thought on “My Garden

  1. Ms. Mae says:

    Gardening has been my go to therapy for years!
    My children would often ask when I was going to stop playing in the dirt and come inside already (shouldn’t that be the other way around)?😉

    I would tell them for every weed I pull ~ it is one less spanking they might have gotten otherwise

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