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So many of you know that my love gave me a companion rat to keep me company a little over a year ago. It was when we lived in separate houses and evenings without him were difficult. We instantly bonded and I love him oh so much.

Well the other day I was on the reptile site again a huge influence of better half. On the site I saw a girl had posted these lizard harness she was hand making. We have passed on our beardie to mom but I still was so intrigued. Turned out she was looking for a rat model! She wanted to branch out and start making them for pet rats!

Maxwell was clearly perfect for this! I immediately responded to her offer for a harness in exchange for photos of the model in her work. She accepted Maxwell as her model and I got to measuring what she needed for the harness. I had never measured a rat before so that was pretty interesting.  It took me and Hailey both to get him measured. He wasn’t sure what the heck we were doing to him.

It wasn’t long before the mail ran and the harness was here. It was green of course my favorite color. Lizard Licker had let me pick the color I wanted and it was simply perfect. She used Maxwell’s pictures for her page so she can make other harness for more rat mommies like me. It fit literally perfect once she taught me the correct way to wear it. My goofy self put it on backwards the first time. I think everyone should check out her page!

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