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So I haven’t been writing much on the details of my daily life. Honestly I have had such very little time. I feel like from the time I wake till the time I go to bed the day is planned and there isn’t any free moments.

With that being said this morning I wanted to update. Life has been just constantly moving forward. The summer started off with a bang with a family trip to Great America. Two down pours and some sore bodies that trip will forever be remembered. We have been spending much of our time tending the yard. I have started a garden. Peppers,tomatoes, peas, and greens have already harvested a bit for my birds.

Cooking out in the wood pellet grill is definitely in our new routine. Proud to say we have become quite faithful with having family meals together each night. Usually with some animal show playing on the tv in the background and Paytyn being the center of attention with all he has to say for the day.

I am back to 100% extreme couponing. I could be one of those girls on tv no doubt in my mind. The savings has been unreal. The things that I seem to find for free fill a need in some way. If I can’t find a need I have spent much time at this new mission center. It’s called Harbor Country Mission. A non profit that is doing huge things for the community. They give out furniture and help with home repairs. They have a clothing pantry for anyone in need and what is called a free room. The free room is full of every sort of treasure you can imagine. So if the things I coupon can't be used for my family I trade out there. Leaving behind what I can't use and maybe taking something I can. It helps immensely with my budget so my large family can have a little more "fun" money. A family my size just going out for pizza once is usually about $100. "Fun" money isn't always easy to come by.

Hailey and Allen have entered the work force. Allen already getting the blow to the ego of being fired. His employer no longer had enough work to have Allen in their budget. So he was let go. Hailey is so driven she is a girl on a mission that can’t be stopped. I truly believe she will achieve her goal of being a judge one day.

Our house we bought 8 months ago is a home now. I thrive on being here and the tranquility it gives me. Things have settled and balanced out so nicely. I have put my home warranty to good use recently! Getting your central air fixed within 24 hours is a luxury I am pleased to have.

In addition to the garden I have planted fruit trees in the yard. I have 5 mulberries, 1 pear, and one peach tree growing. I look forward to apples and cherries next year. I planted a rose bush on Mother’s day with the kids. It’s just blossomed beyond anything I had ever imagined. I hope to line the roses one each year down my fence line. I dream of grapes to of course!

My health has seen better days. My leg pain is currently resting at a high 7 and unless I plan to live my life in bed I don’t see many days spent much lower then that 7. I’m trying desperately to hide that I think things are worse. Having hard time getting myself in and out of the shower. Driving makes me seriously want to just cry my eyes out. The right side of my body in general is a struggle, right arm just totally loses feeling like it’s just dead weight hanging there and aching! My stomach is the same way. I wake in the mornings feeling well pregnant to be honest. Like that morning sickness feeling takes over me. But again the right side of my tummy is far worse. I’ve cried myself to sleep a few times this week. I avoided the doctor this past Monday knowing that missing more apts just is going to result in another doctor refusing to treat me.

Meanwhile I got a dog! Hunter is his name. Trained to be my support dog I swear! He follows me everywhere! Helps me with everything! If I put my hand down at my side anytime I am walking Hunter will find his way under my hand and at my side. He loves to lay in bed and take care of me. Tries to keep me in bed more. I can’t even explain his perfection!

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