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I just had to come and brag of my favorite brand and program again! Subaru gives so much more than I had ever imagined! This week I found out that Subaru has partnered with terracycle! They have boxes up at Subaru locations collecting candy wrappers! With this being Halloween season I can imagine how much candy wrapper waste there is!

I myself recycle as much as I am able. Doing my share to make the planet a better place. When I seen Subaru partnering with Terracycle I found myself on their site and seeing what more I could do! Let me say they have the programs for sure. The resources available are in abundance.

In other Subaru news this week I got more promotional goodies in the mail. I was so excited to make goodies bags and pass them out to my fellow subie lovers. My daughters and I laid out all of my goodies and my new business cards and we packed up bags. I got the cling bags that go on your back that seem to be super hip these days.

It didn’t take long before I was able to give 2 away! One I gave in a parking lot hanging it on the mirror and feeling so wonderful about how it would brighten their day when they came out the store. The other I gave away to an enthusiast . He was simply giddie even allowing a photo!

I was even more thrilled to see him be so grateful. Subaru has given me so many chances to be the giver. Giving is soothing for the soul. It warms you from within to put a smile on someone’s face where there hadn’t been one before. I can’t wait to give out more bags my car is packed plum full for whenever I talk about Subaru with someone.


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