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[amazon_link asins=’B001BCFUBU,1440583722,B00YR9NUEI,B01G7JQ02E,1612120903,B016J273QQ,B0177193C0,B005G20IIG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’buchtelassoci-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d0dadb9e-b9d0-11e8-89d2-074231853fa7′]It seems like this summer has absolutely flown by. We have had so much going on with the kids that we haven’t had or made much time for friends. This week we made sure to make some plans with Marc’s dear friends and sister. His sister’s birthday had just passed and we wanted some adult time with her for that too.

Our plans were first to meet at the home of one of our friends for some flying. Marc excited to show of his F-27 eflite plane. It is a incredibly fast impressive plane. We have had the pleasure of taking it out quite often this summer. The plane had just one battery so our flying experience was a bit short lived compared to most. Still was wonderful to watch Marc show his skills to his buddy and sister.

I could see his nerves in his shaky fingers. It’s cute to watch him when he is flying he is so passionate about his hobby. His friends were impressed and intrigued by the aerobatics he was able to perform in the yard. Through the power lines and looping about like a professional.

After our flying fun we loaded up in April’s (Marc’s sister) car. I myself had not ever been to a brewery before. I am not much of a drinker and the only beer I have ever had is some bud light and maybe some knock off even cheaper stuff. Excited was I to hear we were going to Public House a brewery in down town Baroda.

Marc and his friends were mug club members as they had frequented often. Marc hadn’t been in awhile though because he now has this attention starved family and no free time. I was really happy to see him getting to hang out with his friends. I love hearing of all their fond memories together. Must of which are so funny I have to container my laughter so I don’t pee my pants.

I admire their friendships as I don’t have any of those lifelong friendships built anymore. Wishing I had spent a bit more time building those. So I’d have memories to share back with them. Living off the coat tails of Marc’s experience’s is just fine though because I know ten years from now I’ll still be at that table laughing of the memories I’ll be in.


Appetizers & Drinks

After being in the hospital on Friday and having my biopsy and an uneasy stomach I thought it was best for me to not drink any alcohol. So I stuck to a diet and only one of those chugging down the water as the doctor  had ordered for me. Marc, April, and the two boys all had picked out different craft beers.

Pumpkin spice beers, and peach cobbler beers they had discussing the flavors of each. I seriously was amused I hadn’t ever heard of such beers before. Even while working at Aj’s bar I hadn’t heard of these. They all kept changing up flavors and discussing what they actually tasted like. Not to often were the flavors as the name portrayed. Peach not really having much of a peach flavor to them.

Appetizers had me excited! My all time favorite appetizer is pretzels and beer cheese and it was the very first thing I seen on the menu. Right away I pointed it out to Marc. I knew it would lead to those being ordered. He enjoys spoiling me. How lucky am I. The rest of the table thought chips and beer cheese would be good for a second app as it would be easily shareable as well.

When the pretzels arrived I was all but ready to shovel them in. They looked so delicious. The cheese was clearly home made and it was pretty darn good too! I knew then that I would choose that same beer cheese as the sauce  for my pizza. Pizza with beer cheese bacon and mozzarella was my dinner entree choice. Can you say mouth watering! Again never had heard of beer cheese as a pizza sauce option!

The pizza I got was divine. I nearly ate the entire thing myself. Only passing on one slice to Marc to finish. He got a red sauce meatball and pepperoni pizza he easily finished before trying my slice. It must have been just as good as he cleaned his plate pretty well. Everyone at the table seemed very pleased by there meal.

Good meal, great drinks, fabulous company is there a better way to spend a Saturday night? I will say that the place was packed leaving us to choose a faster seating option of out on the patio. We would rethink that next time. We battled the sun, then the flies for the majority of our visit. Screening would be a wise investment in my opinion. Overall I would recommend and go back in a heart beat.

2 thoughts on “Round Barn Public House

  1. OOh girl, I’ll drink for you! JK, I’m not a beer drinker but I love the fact that you had your moment of eating pretzels and beer. Salty carbs plus Bubbly beer sounds good. Just a lil cheat is okay tootz =)

  2. michellesillery says:

    What an amazing way to spend a Saturday night, hubby, good friends, good food. The pizza sounded absolutely delicious as did the cheese & pretzels. I’m hungry just thinking about it 🙂

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