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[amazon_link asins=’B00C2YV9SO,B00M8NU066,B075F7GQ6H,B077NVPMV2,B00VGQKBX8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’buchtelassoci-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4d9ff05e-b42f-11e8-8943-2371a6ce40ee’]The kids and I just love going to the local haunted house. It’s become a yearly tradition for us. The Niles Scream Park is our number one choice for many reason but the all time number one being it donates all profits made. It gives and it gives all over our community. The volunteers that put on this extravaganza are just awesome!

I was more excited this year than ever before. Having Marc at my side makes everything just the best of the best. Tickets for a sneak peek were being given away if you brought in a non perishable donation. It was 2 can for one ticket. I brought in 75 cans and took 6 tickets. Happy to give back and excited to get the tickets.

The haunted house was on a Friday night. So I had planned to gather the kids who wished to go and meet Marc at his place. I would prepare a meal for us to eat before leaving for the haunted house and Marc would get a moment to sit down after a long day at work.

We had our meal and noticed the weather being pretty perfect for our night. Some of the haunted house is indoors and some is outdoors. So no rain and mild temps are ideal. Spot on to what we had that evening. Couldn’t have been more pleased.

Upon arriving at the haunted house there was a line. A line that took you into metal detector scans and then after a line to turn in the tickets. After those lines you were able to get into the attraction lines. So be prepared to stand in many lines and wait.

In total there are 5 attractions just 3 were open for the sneak peak night we were attending.  On normal night you may pick and choose which you go to in which order on this night it was laid out for you.

Attraction 1 The Haunted House

The Haunted house by far my favorite of the attractions. I thought it was odd that it was laid out as the first because I had always thought of saving the best for last. Marc hadn’t been in about 7 years and didn’t really know what to expect. Myself the more seasoned pro. happily went first for our group.

This line was probably the longest of the ones we waited in that day. Understandably so as you want the guest to go in spread apart so they get the best experience. They did a really good job at that. Spots inside would be actors separating you into different paths. Easily could repeat that same attraction a few times seeing new things each time.

The scary chainsaw men that chased me those guys definitely were intimidating. Marc had some kind of monster jump from behind a wall that he wasn’t expecting and screamed like a girl at the top of his lungs. The only reason not many noticed was because the monster scared me too and my scream masked his over. He lost his voice instantly for the rest of the night.

Attraction 2 Grimm’s Funeral Services

Grimm’s funeral service was so cool. The time and detail in each decoration was so obvious. The creativity oozing from the walls literally! There was a rubber butt that appeared to have seen better days. It looked as though it had a bad case of the mersa. Marc and I both had a need to touch the butt! The kids laughter was heard for a mile over that one.

“OMG they touched that butt! Look there is a camera right in the anus HOLE!

It was simple the best time. Coming to the end of this attraction there is a bubble tunnel. We are told take off hats and glasses and hold them as we walk so we don’t lose them. There is an alternative route but it doesn’t sound nearly as fun. Through the bubbles we go. At first you hear all of us with our muffled laughter covering our faces walking through. Then it changes to spits and gags. You hear Marc :

I’m lost how the f*** do we get out of here. This is bullshit!

As he is now eating bubbles like the rest of us and it feels as though there is no end for this tunnel! Finding the end we are all soaked, shoes, socks, Marc’s hat, everything is wet. Drenched even!

Attraction 3 The Field Of Screams

This attraction was all outdoors. Unfortunately we are cold now from being wet from the bubbles. The wind really can get the shivers going. The attraction is a maze on this one. The trick is to escape it while there are monsters lurking and dead ends on each turn. It can take quite some time. I believe we only circled once.

There is a room that your locked in at one point with a monster of some sort and the room fills with smoke. That stuff stinks it’s just the worst stuff. I could have done without the feature. I would have rather had more bubbles in fact. It really got me to coughing.

On the way out you walk through a glass target. On the other side is a game where other spectators are able to shoot you as you walk through. Marc was super impressed with this and looks forward to shooting someone next time. He wasn’t able this time because I put a strict no spending money rule on the evening. ( I’m saving for a house and vacation) He left his wallet in the car so not to be tempted. Good thing too because the concessions smelled amazing! They had games and photo opportunities as well.

You can find out more about the Scream Park HERE

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