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  1. Fear! School is scary. I mean seriously sending your children to school is no longer safe. The new norm is to have bomb threats on the regular. Normal is preparing for a mass school shooting. My oldest was scared in his desk. One of the places that should be the safest for them is no longer safe at all.
  2. Time! When the kids are in school all day long. Coming home there is dinner and homework. Then if there is any after school activities those get crammed in. So before you know it your getting the kids ready for bed and preparing them for the next day of school. Where on earth is the time to spend enjoying each other???!!!
  3. The Numbers! A few years ago my child wrote a essay while sitting on a computer inside a public school math class. Her essay spoke of how she was just a number sitting in that desk. That the teachers were unable to individualize her learning. She counted how many times the teacher walked by her not noticing she was not working on math. The teacher even handed her the essay from the printer not noticing what it was. My child knew she was just a number and she was right.
  4. Pressure! At a football game standing on the sidelines against the fencing I was cheering for my son in the marching band. I overheard teenage girls talking about how they had been pressured into some pretty tough situations. Thinking to myself my daughter will too be pressured because the need to fit in is so great in public school.
  5. My Experience! I home school my kids because I watched them having the same experiences I did. Guess what I dropped out of those! So maybe changing it up can prevent history from repeating itself.
  6. Growth at their pace! The best thing with home school is there is no need to rush through an area we are struggling to catch up to the rest. We can tailor growth to our child’s needs. No test that must be done this week. If we need more time to master the subject we just take more time. Mastering everything not just passing it! Such a difference there is.
  7. Get Up And Move! Have you ever tried to contain a child with adhd? Tell him to sit in a seat and watch me give lesson’s? It’s impossible!!!! Home schooling means they can move! Get up and move about the room while reading if you need too. Tap your foot because guess what your not disturbing anyone! You do what you need to learn because that is your only job. It’s not your job at home to worry how your learning effects others.
  8. Everything Is a Field Trip. Public school field trips seem to be fewer and further between. With more and more kids getting punishments excluding them from these learning opportunities. Home schooling everything is a field trip. Seriously everything and everywhere is a learning opportunity at your finger tips! Grasp it and enjoy!

19 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I Home School

  1. Home School is good and all, but I wonder how you do with Social Interaction, just wondering? I mean yeah I agree with your few points, wish I could have had home schooling. But I feel many people will not see this what you are doing. Then what?

  2. Corina says:

    I understand all those points, but just like Aditya, I am thinking about social integration when school is done, when they go to college, or even worse, when they will have to work in teams at their first jobs.
    Please, note that I am not judging. I would really love to hear your opinion on that.

  3. Christina Pilat says:

    Let me preface by saying I don’t have kids. For long time I was not a fan of homeschooling. But I have to say – with the way the education system is (especially where I’m from) and how scary it is to even go to school, I have to agree more with you now. Just from observing other’s experiences as well, it’s so scary. I will say that going to regular school had advantages that lay outside of the classroom – allowing your child to learn to respect authority and listen to authority figures besides yourself is a big one. Learning time management, learning social skills, and learning to be more independent and think for themselves and govern themselves without mom’s help – these are just some reasons I’ve been an advocate for regular school. Kids are hard. When the time comes I hope I know what to do but I think you’re doing great. Also – I do love the idea that kids can move and learn in out of the box situations home schooling!

  4. prateek goel says:

    Home schooling is good but I would rather prefer to go to school. There are a lot of things that school helps us in learning and experiencing. I love your points for why home school would be best. But, I feel the opposite way.
    Please don’t mind. These were my thoughts.

  5. I am honestly curious about the rules of homeschooling and if this method also applies and acceptable in the Philippines (I have to look for it). I understand your valid points. I would do the same.

  6. Kate says:

    Schools are great for socializing and developing communicative skills. Pressure is not a bad thing, life will always have some difficult obstacles, kids need to learn how to handle them. I don’t think that home school is an answer, just need to find better schools. I think that Europe is much further in this kind of things: schools are safe and they are changing from old fashion way of teaching to more individual ones. Move here! 😉

  7. This is interesting. I’m actually a teacher and I agree with your points. However, I think interacting with different types of people their age can also help kids to develop their social skills. Anyway, I have traveling friends who home school their children. It works for them because they expose their kids to different cultures.

  8. Flyingkids says:

    Homeschooling is really dynamic. It’s very applicable to anyone, especially those who have their own reasons why. Your thoughts are really well-said. This is very helpful for the parents who are considering homeschooling for their kids. Very nice.

  9. Myfamilytravelzone says:

    I do not know if I wanted my children not to attend school. I do not think that the parents can take as much knowledge of their own specialty teachers. The school not only teaches reading, but also communicates with other children, resolves conflicts.

    1. dolphinwrite says:

      Interesting points, and you may have your children in a quality school. However, and this is coming from one who’s taught for over two decades, I’ve said this before. If done right, a parent homeschooling will teach their children more by the time they are in middle school than most high school graduates. It’s the quality, not the quantity.

  10. tenzendude says:

    I myself am becoming a stronger supporter of home schooling. The cookie cutter, one fits all type of teaching just isn’t working for many young people. Subaru? I own a Crosstrek but drew the line at a tat. lol

  11. Interesting points! Thanks for breaking down your reasons; they make sense for you guys! I just think it’s so important to know your kids so well (which you clearly do 🙂 ) and know which scenario will be the best for them.

  12. laura dove says:

    This is so interesting to read. My children go to school, home schooling was not an option for us as a family of 6 but I know many who do and are incredibly happy with their choices.

  13. Melissa C says:

    These are fabulous pointers and I most definitely will share this post with my brother as he wants to homeschool his daughter. Thanks for all of the fabulous tips and going to bookmark and share now.

  14. angienh86 says:

    These are certainly all good reasons! Homeschooling just wasn’t for us, I have two kiddos on the spectrum who need the structure and routine of going to school everyday.

  15. Jennifer Prince says:

    I truly admire those who home school. I tried it for a year, and it was really time consuming and hard. But we learned a lot about our family that year! 🙂

  16. Holly says:

    Your daughter’s essay was heartbreaking and really highlights why I left teaching to focus on tutoring. I love that kids can dial into my lessons over the internet where I can support parents in giving a safe & individual education.

    1. dolphinwrite says:

      Makes a lot of sense, Holly.

  17. dolphinwrite says:

    As one who has taught for many years, I knew I was trying to do something against the trend: teach and encourage self-thinking. I would never send a child of my own to any public school unless they were in my class, or I knew the teacher well. It’s more because I have seen teachers with a serious lack of understanding, unwilling to question, and the students that seriously lack any real critical thinking skills. When I’m teaching cause and effect to a group of 6th or 8th graders, and most haven’t the foggiest idea of real cause and effects, then they may have been taught this before, but ineffectively lasting. And each year, I need to teach how to think. No, what you are doing is fantastic. Until the system encourages individualized teachers, who are responsible,and believe in real classroom management and not “it’s all about feelings,” I think homeschooling should be encouraged.

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