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Yesterday I had some errands that needed to be done. Picking up medication for kids. Running to donate non perishables for our tickets to the haunted house. Just a bunch of small little task I needed to accomplish. Deciding it wouldn’t take me long I thought I’d leave the boys to their man stuff. Separating us for what I thought would only be an hour and a half.

Time seemed to move at super speed. Maybe I was moving at a snails pace? Either way time got the best of me and I was gone nearly the entire day. Marc and Malachi were too wrapped in the man stuff to give any worry to the amount of time I had been gone. Sadly, I missed them all day and returned distraught in the time that I had lost hanging with them. It’s not often we get long weekends together like this.

Walking up to the boys when I got home I went straight to Marc and nuzzled my head into his arm. Miss his embrace oh so much. Malachi raved of the time they had together. They had cleaned out a boat that belonged to Marc’s paternal grandpa. Malachi has been eyeing this thing since the beginning of time it feels like.

They had talked many times of completing this task and getting out the boat. It just never had gotten done. It’s a busy life we lead. If I had been home maybe they still wouldn’t have done it. They try so hard to give me their time and attention. I felt a bit better knowing their time was so well spent while I was on my errands.

I snuggled some hugs out of Marc. I told him of my bad day with time management. The things that had fallen apart making me late to him. Into the house I went after to get my butt in gear on the household things that needed done.

Walking in to seeing my bed made simply melted my heart. See I come to Baroda all the time just to make the bed for Marc. When I get up each morning it’s the first thing I do. It’s starts my day. Sometimes I get discouraged if I’m unable to get to his house and make it. He giggles and teases that the bed hadn’t been made for 9 whole years before my presence and that it would be okay. So him making it for me this morning was special.

I walked straight back outside in fact. To ask if he had done it. I’m forgetful and wondered if I had made myself and forgotten. He smiles big and says yes. Running in for another embrace while I thank him for his thoughtful gesture. Gosh the little things. <3

Back inside to the chores I go. Thinking the boys are getting planes ready to go for a brief flying trip before dinner. Abruptly Marc comes flying into the entry. “BABE, get your vape and camera and come on outside we are going for a ride.” Clearly my mind thought car ride. I was wrong!

There he was sitting on a tractor. Malachi sitting in the boat attached to the back of the tractor. My chariot awaited me.  Marc came to help me into the boat and explained our journey would be around the back yard. There were two large ponds back there. I smiled so big that they came in to include me on this adventure. Turned out they had started it on their own and came back for me.

Around the ponds we called out all the things we seen. Frogs, fish, the coolest dragon flies with blue tips on their wings. We talked about the clear water. Giggled over the bumpy ride. Getting stuck once and having to reverse and go around. It was such a good time something so simple.

My love for photographs made this adventure even more wonderful. Snapping pictures of the frogs we found. I thought to myself one day the kids will look back and remember these fond times. Only can I hope that they influence them to make and create the same moments with those they love. That time together is time well spent.

21 thoughts on “Time Together Is Time Well Spent

  1. That sounds like a great weekend. I remember the first time I left my baby boy. My mom and I went to IKEA to get a nightstand and under-bed storage units for his nursery. I missed him the whole time!

  2. Making memories is the most precious thing we can do, and when we have been apart it is always nice to do something together x

  3. joy says:

    sounds like a magical walk together. 🙂
    Joy at The Joyous Living

  4. jennybhatia says:

    I would rather go for a ride on a tractor than a car any day. Especially with people I love. Sounds like the day turned out to be pretty perfect! Thank you for the reminder to stop and enjoy those small beautiful moments.

  5. Monique Cláudia says:

    Creating new memories..Kids love adventure!! Reminds me that I have to do something like thet with my kid .

  6. Little things like making bed for you, they show that how much he loves you. The tractor ride sounds awesome. You must have had a great weekend..!!

  7. wow what a nice mom you are trust u had a nice and memorable outing with kids hope they grow to forever remember your sacrifice towards theme

  8. Yes Missy says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great day! Spending time with the family is so important!

  9. Spending as much as time together possible is the best way to create memories which can be cherished forever <3 Sounds you had beautiful day. May God bless you with more such days

  10. Elizabeth O says:

    I am so glad to read you ended up having a good day all together in the end. Family time is definitely the best time!

  11. Sania Ahmed says:

    Ohhh, you got to spend some quality time together… thats soo great 🙂

  12. John Mulindi says:

    Glad to read a post like this, and learn some good experiences from people like you.

  13. gursimrat says:

    Sounds like you had great time and your day turned out to be perfect. Enjoying life with your family and feeling happy in simple moments is the key to happiness.

  14. Sauumye Chauhan says:

    Sounds like a perfect day. It is these little moments that we will cherish even after a long time.

  15. Garf says:

    That boat picture reminds me that I haven’t been to the lake this year. Hopefully things will get better next summer.

  16. Azlin Bloor says:

    I’m like that too. Even though we are a homeschooling family and my husband works from home, I do cherish the moments we are together. And when I’m out running errands, I hate it when I end up taking longer than expected. You sure managed to make up for the time!

  17. What a great time! Love spending time with the people we love.

  18. toastycritic says:

    I know we all need time alone. But we also need quality time with the significant people in our lives. This does look like you had a beautiful time. And I love the photos. It definitely was time well spent.

  19. tenzendude says:

    Well that was enjoyable. A little insight into your life. You’ll have to show us pics when the bowt hits the water finally.

  20. Khushboo Motihar says:

    Glad you had such a great end to a bad day. I cherish the memories that I spent around ponds chasing ducks and watching fish. Glad you clicked so many pictures 🙂

  21. Glad your finished nicely. Spending time with people close to you is always priceless.

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