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My Fozzy Subaru

If you haven’t already read of my Subaru Journey you really should. If you have you know my Subaru is the only car I have ever felt comfortable driving. In fact I am not sure that I have ever even gone the speed limit in any other car. My fears kept me driving like a granny!

My fozzy is like my best friend. The other day my son was speaking ill of my girl. Saying he liked riding in Marc’s car better. ( He’s team Marc no matter my car I’d lose.)I considered making his little butt walk that day and went and gave my Fozzy girl a little pat down. Telling her not to listen to him he was just a teenage boy they know nothing!

In all seriousness my car was acting up recently. Marc hadn’t actually felt what I had since he doesn’t drive it much. My second gear was slipping a bit. My heart sank when Marc spoke of selling my girl and getting something else. 🙁 Another Fozzy of course but not my Fozzy.

I went into instant pout mode. My girl can’t go anywhere what on earth is he thinking? So I spent the day thinking of how to talk to him and make it known I really want to keep my Fozzy! Waiting till we laid in bed to start my plea.

The man had already found a new car he wanted and had saved the money to purchase it instead of a plane. No darn way was I having it. So getting him on the same page as me was the plan.

I’ve found Marc to respond better curled up snuggled maybe half naked. 🙂 Him seeing things my way always works better when approached carefully. I start by asking him questions.

  1. Is what is wrong with my car something you can fix yourself?
  2. Can you do it easily or is it a real pain?
  3. How much would it cost to fix my fozzy?
  4. Wouldn’t it cost extra to change the title and plate on top of a new car purchase?

These lead me to find out the new car had things needing to be fixed too. It wouldn’t be much of a difference financially to just fix mine.  Mine was actually a bit cheaper to repair and keep then the new one in the end. Score I’ve just proved my car to be better for the pocket book. Now I hit him with I want to keep my car you crazy man!

His real reasoning is that he never wants me without a car for any period of time. So what if mine breaks and then he can’t fix it for a week or a few days. In all honestly I never need to go anywhere at all. It’s rare that I do other then to his place a few times a day. I could happily be without and it not have any negative effects on my day.

Happily I win my case and get to keep my car! He has me pick up this Lucas stuff for my slipping of second gear. I put it in and haven’t had any issues since! Which makes me feel good as I just freaking love my car so much! The rest of our vehicles are all stick shift and I haven’t learned nor do I want to learn how to drive them. So glad my girl is giving me no more troubles.

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