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Marc always makes sure to find fun adventures for us to do when there is a errand to run. Today we were to take my oldest son to my baby brother. He lives about an hour drive from us. He had offered to meet in the middle but Marc had thought we could just drive the whole drive and us stop at the fish hatchery.

It was decided the fish hatchery would be our meeting place. I’ll be honest Allen being the oldest is often the one home babysitting. He doesn’t come hang out often as I’d like him too. I am grateful for his help at home and the time I had with him today. Stopping at the hatchery was the perfect idea.

When we got there we had expected them to be closing as my brother had quoted their hours wrong. To our pleasant surprise they were not. We first used the restroom because holy long drive. Instantly walking in I was taken back by the wonderful smell in the restrooms. They were very well attended. Smelling just fantastic and appearing incredibly clean.
First we explored the inside. It’s kinda like a tiny museum in there. It shows exactly how the hatchery works. There are hands on exhibits. Interactive video screens and a computer to play hatchery themed games. A truck in the middle of the exhibits from 1928 caught my attention. It showed how it was used to transport the sturgeon. At the time the truck was built there were hardly any left.
When we walked to the pond we could see 2 sturgeon resting in the very bottom of the pond. The size of them was incredible! Inside they had a tank for up close viewing those much smaller of course. The smaller ones inside seemed to be so active compared to those resting in the pond that we never seen move at all. You could see what appeared to be there little whiskers. I just loved them.

Before heading outside we were given a token each complimentary. Once outside there were two small vending machines. They resembled candy or gumball machines. One took token’s only and one quarters. We used our free token and I’d say 5 dollars in quarters but we were having so much fun we easily could have spent far more. In fact we spent so much we had to go inside and request the machine to be refilled as we had emptied it.

The fish jumping from the water to snatch the food was incredible. There were just hundreds of fish. I had not ever seen so many. The little babies so fast. Rainbow trout was the fish that were eating like crazy from us. There were a few types in the pond though. Signs hung showing each type. As well as a cool white board that allowed guest to sign anything they had spotted. Marc noticed that someone had seen a snapping turtle that day prior to us arriving. We had our eyes peeled but didn’t see him. Maybe next time we will spot him.

Allen really enjoyed his time. He found the fish to truly peak his interest. I loved seeing him enjoy time out of the house and with us. I got some great pictures of the three of my men in the staged picture area. They were such good sports and climbed up for a picture for me. What a great afternoon we all had together.

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