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As a mom of three girls gymnastics plays a big role in our household. Our girls have always always loved our local swim and gym program. There they can use the mats and feel safe and comfortable practicing their gymnastics.

Longing to give them that same feeling and confidence to practice their gymnastics skills at home I took to a search. Really unsure what I was looking for I stumbled across Wholesale Inflatable Airtrack. A website selling inflatable tracks for tumbling and gymnastics.

“BOOM that is it exactly what the girls need!”

Looking further I find a gymnastics training set. This set seems like the perfect one for us. It had included with it an air floor, two air boards, an air block, and an air roll. This to me also looked like the best bang for the buck option.

Exploring color option I find out they have green. Green is my absolute all time favorite color. If I could have everything in my life to be green I surely would so this was a definitely another huge positive in my book. They had mint green and dark mint green. It’s a real toss up as to which I would choose as I love them both so much.

While I am in awe of the awesome color selection choices I notice that they offer free logo printing. The girls will absolutely enjoy making a awesome logo to put on them. Or even better maybe I could use it as a promoting tool and place my blog logo on them. So when everyone comes over to hang out on our cool gymnastic gear in our yard they see my logo.

This option being free could turn into free advertisement for my blog. If the girls took them to grandmas or a sleepover there is my blog logo getting seen. Now my gears are turning. The possibilities are endless. Make sure if you choose the logo to follow these steps:(Please add a note to your order for the logo printing in your cart before check out, and send the logo picture to: sales@wholesaleairtrack.com)

It also includes free shipping and a free repair kit. Free shipping for me is a big deal because those fees can really add up quickly. Having a repair kit ready on hand too seemed like a good idea. It is a requirement to purchase or have a pump sold separately. Have a good plan for such.

Overall I think this is on my purchase list as soon as we move. It would be a big hit for our family for sure. What do you guys think? Factory outdoor games airtrackus gray surface purple side air mat for tumbling.png

*Disclaimer, This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated for my honest feedback. I was not paid to give a positive review or to lie. Only to give my honest and open feedback. The opinions are in fact mine and not acting.

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