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Blogging is my love. Since I was little I loved to write and I loved math. I hated that people were so critical of each other’s writing’s. Worry little about the grammar and more about the message. There is a time and place for perfecting of course but if we criticized less we may be able to read more of the message.

When I started blogging I decided I would never edit my blogs. I quick proofread while writing was all that was needed. My thoughts aren’t meant to be perfect. I wanted to hold nothing back. Share my feelings without regard to what others may think of it.

Later I realized what a tool my blog was. That I could use it to gain Ambassadorships. Leading to many perks. Then the Affiliates started to roll in.  Blogging gaining me my Subaru Ambassadorship. In that moment I realized I really enjoyed voicing my opinion on products that I loved.

I sent out my media kit to 250 brands. Thinking a small blog wouldn’t get noticed by many of those. Then the responses started rolling in. The merchandise is coming to the door like crazy. Blogging was opening doors like I had never imagined.

I remember watching videos of these bloggers showing off their merch. and telling of it and thinking “Dang… that is cool!” Seeing them try things I had never even heard of. It sounded like something I would have so much fun with. I thought all my volunteering would give so many options to share in person and my blog was my outlet to tell the world.

Now here I am one of those girls from the video! Books and gifts flowing in. Trying hard to keep up with the email offers and the social media post. Oh and for the love of engagement! I mean honestly who can keep up with all of this?

Is it child labor if I enlist kid’s to help me code? Lol Today I had to get my 16 year old to show me to link my blog to pinterest and claim my website. The learning curve is crazy. So here I sit a million post to write and instead I rant of the million things I must do instead. Seems completely logical to me!

Growing this blog and writing and enjoying the perks that come with is my passion and drive. Raising eight kids and keeping up with all that there is to do for my blogging to reach it’s potential it’s overwhelming!

Anyone have tips to be less overwhelming blogging? Or just good time managements tips in general? Blogging takes more time then a full time job except you have less accountability.

One thought on “Blogging Can Be Overwhelming!

  1. Danica Anne Panganiban says:

    Wow! I sit here wanting to crack open because I don’t know what to do anymore for my blog to grow and your article just made me think there is a path waiting for my blog although I am struggling. You are right. I should start making my media kit and approaching brands. Thank you so much. I will be reading more of your articles. =)

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