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Oh my goodness who knew how many fun products I could get to try and fall in love with? I surely didn’t! It’s so exciting getting things in the mail. This week I got the perfect product to test out. It was so fitting for my week too. I got a glasstastic water bottle.

I truly have a love for all things green. Lime green being my favorite shade but there isn’t a shade I don’t enjoy. When I opened my bottle to find it a beautiful lime green I was stoked.

The bottle is a glass bottle inside of this shatter proof shell. The shell can hold design pages that you can get from the company or create your own. As a color junkie I found this to be the coolest feature.

That’s not all this cool bottle has for features. The lid has a locking position. So this came in so handy while at a farm this week volunteering. There was the cutest toddler who tried to steal my water and couldn’t open it. I thought this was fantastic for my mommy friends who still have the little ones running around. Glasstastic is genius for that move.

I filled my glasstastic cup in the morning before heading out to the farm and when I left at 4:45 my last swig of water was still cold. I was super impressed because the farm was not air conditioned by any means.

The only thing I would have changed about the glasstastic water bottle is that I would have added a straw feature. Simply because I’m a straw junkie. Love those things. It maybe could be added for a side feature that I could buy separate? I’m pretty sure I could find one to fit it in a drawer somewhere in my kitchen if I tried.

Overall I love my cup the mouth piece isn’t over sized. It holds temp very well. Cleaning is very easy. The design is neat and I love that it’s shatterproof. I would rate it a 10 out of 10! I think I’ll grab a few more so that I can have one for the kids in public school for their desk water is so important for our bodies.

*( Disclaimer I was given this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not paid to lie nor give a positive review.)

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