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Have you ever heard of a gratitude journal ? I’ll be honest I hadn’t! Then I was blessed to be apart of a group that got to Three Good Things : A Gratitude Journal for the first time in exchange for an honest review. Stoked was I. I mean truly my entire blog is kind of a journal so this seemed right up my alley!

I was emailed four weeks of the journal to implement in my life. I really wanted to make sure I gave this my attention and time so I could give an honest review. So I made sure to set aside time before bed each night to log in the journal.

I think we lose sight in remember the good things that happened on a day that overall wasn’t so good. I know that on days I’m in pain I truly forget the little great moments of the day. This journal it held me accountable to remembering and embracing those good things throughout my day.

It’s almost humbling at the end of a bad pain day to sit and only focus on the good things. See my blog as a journal it’s not always about the good. So this was refreshing to only focus on those moments. My timing of before bed writing was perfect! It left me going to sleep with only the thoughts of the good things through the day! Setting me up for a good nights sleep.

The bottom of each journal page sets an inspirational quote. One by Oprah I will probably now remember forever.

“True forgiveness is when you can say, ‘Thank you for that experience'” -Oprah Winfrey

Overall I would rate the journal a 10! I think we all should take the time to remember the good things and this journal gives you the drive to do just that. Everyone should you give it a look HERE

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    Thank you for your review!

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