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So guys I got accepted into this really cool program. Booklook is a program that sends me books at no cost to give my honest opinions too. I am not required at all to give positive reviews and I got to pick what I’d like. So I picked books we truly had interest in. My first pick was the Early Readers Bible.

I choose this book because of my girls. A few years back my daughter started a carpool to her youth group. Later that lead to a bus of kids being picked up for this youth group. It just grew so quickly. It was truly inspirational! The kids get points for learning bible verses and completing task to bring them closer to God.

Clare has a bible she takes and she gains the points. With her learning disability the bible she had was impossible for her to read or understand on her own. So it was with her but she was gaining no knowledge from it. Just carrying it to collect the points.

When the Early Readers Bible came and she was able to read and understand it I was over joyed. It made her light up like a Christmas tree. She enjoyed the pictures that break up some of the difficult text and make it easier to relate.

She now could use her bible to gain knowledge of our savior. I give that a 10 stars! The hard cover is superb for in case she drops it on the bus it’s sturdy and can hold up to a bit of a beating if it needs. Clare having 7 siblings you know that is a need!
Clare is a girly girl all the way. She loves bling and fashion. She loves pink’s and purples. The bible has a very bright and glittery pink cover. It fits her perfectly and would most teen girls her age.

Help your kids get excited about learning God’s Word! The NKJV Early Readers Bible offers the respected New King James Version® translation and 192 pages of helpful maps, charts, articles, study tools, and more. It’s the perfect first full-text Bible for children ages 7 to 10, and it comes in a fun, shiny foil cover they will love.

I am delighted to have this book on our shelves. Clare and I both would absolutely recommend this for the younger middle school and late elementary age kids. I think I myself will be buying a second for Clare’s little sister now who is jealous of the gift her sister received. 🙂

*Disclaimer ( I was given this book for free to review and was not paid for a positive opinion simply a honest one.)

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