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We had known for some time now that Marc had a new work training he needed to complete for work. We had in fact postponed it once because there was so much going on we just couldn’t fit it in. Scheduling it for a time I was able to come with!

His work let him pick from a list of approved hotels for us to stay at. They would pay for two nights as he had two days of work training to complete. It was just outside of Chicago the class he needed to take.

The choice he made was for Country Inn and Suites a nice hotel located just off the highway. Before we even arrived I had done and in depth check on the hotel. I found out there was a hot tub and pool and made sure I had a bathing suite along in my suitcase. Even though I did tell Marc all of the hotel and the hot tub he still forgot to bring his. We will make a bathing suit stop today because he is definitely going to enjoy that hot tub with me.

I scooped out what was in the area too as I thought I may want to do some exploring while Marc was in his class. There were quite a few local things I was very interested in. Unfortunately upon arrival I realized that being just off the highway meant very busy roads and traffic. Chances are I will not feel comfortable walking anywhere that I found.

Walking into the hotel I was impressed. The big open entry way with this magnificent stair case. The staff greeted us as soon as we walked through the doorway. The check in seemed effortless and went very quickly. We were gifted two free drink coupons for the restaurant next door.

I checked on the pool while walking to our room. It was incredibly large and the hot tub was as well. There were very few people in the pool being a weekday. I thought that would be perfect for a evening swim. It opened at 7 am and didn’t close till 11pm so I thought the hours were great too. It would leave plenty of time in the evening for a hot tub adventure. Marc’s class would get done right before dinner time.

Our door to our hotel was kind of a pain. We have had to go get our keys redone twice so far and still takes many attempts to get into the room. Our room is equip with a king size bed, a fridge and microwave, coffee, a couch and a desk. The television is only a 32 inch and I of course didn’t bring my glasses so I had a hard time viewing that. In fact I am laying on the bed head at the footer to be closer to the television in an attempt to see it better. It does have Comcast including LIFE TIME MOVIE NETWORK! ! Does it even get any better than that? There is HBO too of course.

After getting all unloaded into our room I was absolutely starving. Do you remember I had said we got FREE drink coupons for the restaurant next door? When Marc turned to me for where I would like to go to dinner. I took to my phone to see if the menu was affordable where we had FREE drinks too. Free clearly being the way to my heart.

 Jimmy’s Char House In Elgin was the restaurant at hand. After checking the menu both for affordability and for chicken because it’s my main food group I was on board to give it a try. After all I was starving and it was just a brisk walk through the parking lot.

Walking over to the restaurant holding hands and gawking at each other was blissful. I truly am so madly in love. Inside the restaurant was fascinating. We sat together in a booth continuing to hold hands while we tried to decide what the feel was to us. Old England is what we decided upon. It left us feeling like we were in Old England or how we would imagine that to be anyway. The chandeliers and the art work that hung looked antique. Both of us thought it was far to dark. It even was a struggle to read our menus.

The first thing I noticed was the impeccable customer service by the entire staff! There was a waitress in the left corner that was specifically focused on drinks. However she did bring me a box at the end of my meal as well. Another gentlemen to the right was watching to clear plates. Instantly taking all plates that were finished and pushed to the edges of the tables. Our server was at a table when we were seated so another took our drink order. The wait for service was just a few moments and our drinks were replenished just before finishing without a need to ask for a refill. We used our free coupons for just a diet coke. Even though we were welcome to a glass of whine or a beer. Neither of us choose to do so.

I had already planned what I wanted in my head while looking at the menu from the hotel bed. I was getting the Chicken Parm. Sandwich on a Pretzel Bun. My mouth was watering at the description. Sadly I didn’t care of the sauce when it came. It was a bit spicy for my personal liking. However the sandwich was hot and cooked well. The fries were delicious. Marc got a chicken and bacon sandwich. He devoured the entire thing. Safe to assume that means he enjoyed. Marc not being nearly as picky of an eater as I am.

After dinner we headed back to our room for cuddles. Marc did some online training he needed to do sitting at the desk in our room. He used the WiFi access code we were given upon arrival. Same as I am now and it is working perfectly. Not slow at all.

The bed is very comfortable. It was a large King size and plenty of room for the two of us. The blanket incredibly heavy and right up my ally. But the pillows for the love of those pillows! They were so soft and plush it was like sleeping on air. Marc has those contoured fit your neck firm pillows at his place. At mine I have about 20 pillows on my bed to pile up under my head. So sleeping with those fluffy sink into pillows was quite a challenge. Marc stole every bit of the blanket leaving it dangle down his side of the bed while I got frostbite. I woke up and took a picture to show him when he woke because his theory that I am the blanket hog was finally proven to be wrong! Our first night under our belts. Marc is at class and I am happily in bed doing what I love! Blogging for all of you! More of our adventure to come tomorrow. img_1791img_1799img_1792img_1810

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