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The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie Review mommyof8withcancer.blog

I think movie dates have become a regular habit lately. At the very low prices our local theater offer it’s easily a go to for something to do. Only spending $30 for five of us to enjoy a movie, pop, popcorn, and a treat a piece.

This week we had some time to kill. So off to the movie theater we went. Our movie choice this week was The Spy Who Dumped Me. I was very excited to see a funny movie. Comedies are probably my top genre.

It wasn’t long into the movie that you could hear a roar of laughter. Everyone watching was highly entertained. I love looking down the seats to the kids and watching their laughter. It’s so infectious the laughter of children. Especially your own. It’s those laughs that I close my eyes to remember when I’m in a lot of pain of getting sick. Focusing on such fond memories gets you through the tough times.

So this movie is Rated R. Mostly because of language. I still took my teens and they enjoyed it. My judgement call to take them didn’t change after seeing it. The humor was adult but it didn’t push the line enough to not let them see it. There was no nudity. The violence wasn’t gory.

It was a movie I’d take my grandma to see. In fact there were many grandmas and grandpas in the theater. I love seeing that too. Elderly couples on movie dates. Only do I hope to live long enough to hobble my way into the theater and curl up to Marc and doze off watching some hip new movie.

The Spy Who Dumped Me was just shy of a two hour movie. That is about my max time for sitting in the older theaters with the not so comfy seats. If it had been a longer movie I would have sprung for the better theater for sure.

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  1. PS says:

    I saw that and felt the same!!! Enjoyed funny dialogues…

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