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Living in two houses means lots of commuting. In the middle of my drive I pass this new elegant little doughnut shop. Red Coach Donuts is the name. It seemed every time I had wanted to try it I had bad timing. They are only open from 6am to 11pm Tuesday through Saturday. After seeing them displayed all over Facebook with reviews of the delicious donuts.

I just had to try them for myself. I did read many reviews of them being a bit over priced. So I was prepared to spend a bit more that morning for our treat. I liked that I knew in advance I may be spending a bit more. The reviews that I had read put them at about 23$ a dozen. So I had prepared for about 2$ a doughnut.

Upon arrival that Saturday morning I was unable to pull in the parking lot as it was completely packed. I easily accessed parallel parking on the side of the street. Walking up the look is very crisp and elegant. Entering was difficult as the line was to the door.

Standing in line I noticed their pay it forward board. A board where someone was able to buy a doughnut for another. A kind gesture to give. Some gave to a stranger some to a family member. The board was so inspiring. Paying it forward is so important in the community it makes for a better place.

As we waited in line I was enjoying a refreshing glass of lemon ice water provided free of charge on he counter. I had arrived just before ten and I’d say nearly 50% of the donuts were sold out. There were still many to choose from but they were getting quite low. The lady behind me in line asked if there were more in the back and there were not.

I was there to pick up 18 donuts and while ordering I could hear the disappointment behind me. My total was just over 30$ not hitting the $2 mark each I had expected too. They had discounts for buying in larger quantities. Despite what I had heard I didn’t find them to be expensive. I found them to be well priced.

The donuts were out of this wold delicious. Each melting in your mouth as you bite into them. Incredibly fresh and the frosting was perfect as well. It was well worth the line and the price paid. I can’t wait to go back again and try some that were sold out this visit.

I wanted to try a glazed but those were long gone. My suggestion is going early in the morning as they do sell out quickly. They have indoor and outdoor seating available. Friendly and clean environment. Don’t forget when you visit pay it forward and leave a doughnut for another.

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