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I love that Marc has all these fascinating hobbies. One of which being Radio Controlled Airplanes. A few months ago he purchased a new one. I was here when it came in the mail and watched him light up opening it.

Anticipation of watching him give flight to this new plane was eating at me. A few times he would get it out and play with the controls. Putting it together and toying with it and taking it back apart again.

Several times we had scheduled to fly it along with another one or two he has already had. Something seemed to always come up though. Missing the chance each time. Some of those being entirely my fault as I was just not feeling well.

Today was the day. Determined was I to make sure that he was able to have time for his hobby! Selfishly I longed for the smile he gets when doing the things he loves. Planes are so near and dear to his heart.

Outside he spent an hour trying desperately to get the controller to work with the plane. It was not cooperating for some time. I could see he was beginning to get frustrated with it. Just like that he got it!

We walked across the street to the neighbors larger yard. Jake held up the plane and gave it a toss as Marc gunned it! The roar of the engine was far louder then I had expected. Hearing it zoom by us was incredible!

Marc had a wing that quit working and the plane crashed right into the electrical lines. His reaction as he looked back to me and said “Oh fuck” was absolutely priceless. The kids took off to chase the plane which had survived.

The second flight was perfection. A nervous Marc handled it like a professional. Making barrel roles and loopty loops. He is so incredibly intelligent. I am blown away often by the talents he possess.

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  1. heathercscott92yahoocom says:

    This is so cool! I’d love to fly a remote airplane!!

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